Portugese fansubs


Someone added a portugese fansub to the list of hunter x hunter (2011) 02, [Aye Fansub], if we are now accepting subs from languages aside from english then my apologies because I had no idea. If not, I hope this brings that to your attention.

Thank you.

Ps: if you dont mind me anexing a probably unrelated question to my post lol, what is the "community pulse" supposed to be?


Hey Kylern,

The error you mentioned and the new "community pulse" feature is actually very much related. Fansub tracks over 100 different sources for new information, and shows the relevant information for each series or episode under the 'community pulse' label. From the pulse information, Fansub can display relevant streams, bittorrents and direct download (coming soon) that it finds. In this case, it appears that a Portugese fansub got into the system without being tagged correctly.

Although the new information system has been under development for almost a year, there's still a lot of fine tuning and fixes that need to be made. If you find anything else that's weird, just make another post about it.

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