Please add new Animes via the Wiki! - Read this first!

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This only applies to named anime threads for a specific series or season of a series, such as 'Sword Art Online' or 'Fruits Basket Season 2' etc.
All other types of threads, such as season Line-Ups, recommendations or other threads that are not for a specific anime should continue as normal.

We have a new procedure for making the named Anime threads
To make a new named Anime thread, please make a new page on our Wiki first, then click the 'Discussion' button, it will automatically make the thread for you, complete with all the content from the wiki.

How to create a new page

Here are the detailed, step by step instructions on how to make a new page and create a forum thread.
In this example, we will be making a new Anime page for Sword Art Online II.

1. Click the Wiki drop down menu, and click 'Create page'.

2. Fill in the Anime name and link url and press proceed. The link url is the website address part after wiki/, usually the same as the name but no spaces or special characters, underscore _ is ok.

3. Click Edit.

4. Type the Anime info you would have put in your post and press save. - For more advanced features, and to use the nice side info boxes see Wiki Help.

5. Click the orange 'Discussion' link.

6. Choose the place to put the thread, in this case 'Animes'.

7. That is it, you should now see your new thread. Note that your thread will have actual content, mine here is just an example as we already have a thread for SAO II.

If you wish to give an opinion on the Anime in question and keep it separate from the wiki, you can 'reply' to the thread and post there. The double posting rule will not apply in this case.

Making the thread in the wiki puts the anime series information in one place, it can be edited and maintained easily. The wiki will automatically make the thread, and the thread will include the wiki in the first post - and most importantly - it will be updated whenever the wiki is updated.

For the first time in this sites history, we will have a central place for anime info, and no longer have to link threads or visit multiple places to get info on an anime or series. Please give it a try, we welcome feedback in the Voice of Change.

Note - More info and instructions are available on the Wiki.
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