playing videos on a slow computer


-chibi kami sama
hey does anyone know any settings that i can change on a 700mhz notebook with 256ram to play videos without to much lag.
i gotta make use of this old notebook

thx in advance


What is it that you are trying to play and how big is the file? I'm presuming your trying to play it on VLC or Media Player Classic via CCCP. Anyways, I think you should close as many open "user running" programs as possible. That should significantly speed up your computer and should reduce the lag. If not, I think you could set the VLC frame skip when you open your file. Try that and see if it works.


-kenja sama
You can use this handy little utility to stop all process you don't need

I have not used it in a while, but it was really great to cleanly stop all un-used process.

Using VLC is also probably a good idea. MPlayer would be lighter, but you don't have a user interface! So you might not want to go to such extreme.


they released the new version of mplayer for windows with a user interface granted its still a bit buggy compared with 3rd party user interfaces. Also I believe the user interface version of mplayer uses more resources due to its bugginess but not 100% sure since I have a capable computer.

The top left is mplayer with the official user interface downloaded from the official website the name of the download from the official website is "MPlayer 1.0rc1 Windows GUI" which includes everything needed to play video except the extra mplayer only codecs which most likely won't be needed depending on what u want to play. The bottom right is a third party user interface which probably uses less resources and is not buggy at all.

another third party user interface.
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