Pixar's "Inside Out"

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Just watched the 2015 Pixar animated film "Inside Out"... surprising very well done... not the animation, nor kid focused storyline, but the way the story is told through the 'emotions' portrayed by characters that interact... I never heard of it before... but the box office was rather good, meaning it still attracted the kid audience.... as the subject matter is rather 'deep' in terms of how the personality/body interact with its enviroment through these main emotions.... how the 'core' ones are setup, stored, etc.. surprising well done. An excellent example of how anime can be used to 'teach'... same as how songs are used sometimes to help students remember names, dates, etc. I really can't think of another example this good... Naruto had a few elements on the chakras, energy flow initially, but didn't really do much with it. In this work, the 'teaching' element/subject matter is the core of all that happens... pushing the usual chase storyline dynamic... and the script continues to explore this aspect of personality development till the very end... setting up a potential sequel... but that would take the subject into the characters teen years... so less of the usual Disney kid audience potential.... so it might not happen, but even alluding to it is rather impressive. It's really rare to see anyone even attempt to do this. Glad I stumbled upon it. :)
From wikipedia:
As a child, director Pete Docter relocated with his family to Denmark when his father moved to study the music of Carl Nielsen.[16] While his sisters had an easy time adjusting to the new surroundings, Docter felt he was judged constantly by peers.[17] While other kids were interested in sports, Docter sat alone drawing, a hobby that eventually led him to animation.[18] His social anxiety ended by high school.[16]

In late 2009, Docter noticed his pre-teen daughter, Elie, exhibiting similar shyness.[19] "She started getting more quiet and reserved, and that, frankly, triggered a lot of my own insecurities and fears," he said.[16] He imagined what happens in the human mind when emotions set in. The idea to depict it through animation excited Docter, who felt it the ideal form to portray "strong, opinionated, caricatured personalities."[20] He began researching information about the mind, alongside Jonas Rivera, a producer, and Ronnie del Carmen, a secondary director. They consulted Paul Ekman, a well-known psychologist who studies emotions, and Dacher Keltner, a professor of psychology at the University of California, Berkeley. Ekman had early in his career identified six core emotions—anger, fear, sadness, disgust, joy, and surprise. Docter found surprise and fear to be too similar, which left him with five emotions to build characters around.[20] Other emotions considered for inclusion during the development process were schadenfreude, ennui, pride, and hope.[21] Keltner focused on sadness being an emotion that strengthens relationships.[20] Both emphasized how emotions organize social lives and the structuring of interpersonal interactions.[7]
The smash success of Docter's 2009 film Up encouraged those at Pixar to allow Docter to create another film with a more sophisticated story.[16]Inside Out is the first Pixar film without input from co-founder and former Apple CEO Steve Jobs, who died in 2011. In addition, the film did not have as much input from chief creative officer John Lasseter, who was focused on restructuring Walt Disney Animation Studios in Los Angeles at the time of its production.[16] Executives at Disney and Pixar were positive at the proposal of making Inside Out, but acknowledged it would be difficult to market.[22]
Ah the wonders of Pixar Movies, In which case I watch them all to the second, just to spot the Pizza Planet Truck.

And destroy the movies by thinking logicly.

I Highly Recommend: Youtube > Cinemasins: Inside Out (Lots of spoilers for those who have not seen the movie).
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