One Piece (Manga)

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QUOTE (Killer_Ossi @ Mar 08 2012, 06:03 AM)Trafalgar Law beeing there and beeing a Shichibukai reall was a huge surprise, plus his rise to highest known Bounty for now. But we havent seen Kid, his Bounty is almost certainly higher.
But I dont think he is the boss of the people Sanji & Co are fighting, what they do dont fit his style.

Considering Kid is brave enough to steal from Big Mam, im sure he has a higher bounty at the very least than two years ago.

The people with the mask say they are working for "M" which makes me think Moria.

I dont think Luffy and Law will fight. It would be weird because Law saved Luffy's life.

If any of the supernovas are going to fight each other in the future, it will be Luffy vs Kid
I wouldnt say that they wouldnt fight. Sure Luffy wouldnt want to but if Law stands in his way or threatens his crewmembers then Luffy will fight with all his strength, regardless of the fact that Law saved his life.
The fight Luffy vs. Kid is almost impossible to not happen. This is the one thing granted.
There is two things I been wondering about.

One, Zoro has Haki, right? Not as strong as Luffy's Haki, but good enough to hit logia types, right? I remember it was mentioned at some point and this would make it so he could fight logias even if he doesn't seen to have a rivalry with any logia type.

Two, did they ever say what happened to Drake-X? Loved the T-Rex devil fruit but he did go after Big Mamma, so I am betting he is either long gone or now siding with Big Mamma.
It was never said or shown that Zoro has haki, its just that most fans believe he will have it.

Nope, the only two people known what happened to them are Law (Shichibukai) and Bonnie (captured, but that was before the timejump). But we know that the supernovas somehow escaped Shabody despite beeing defeated there, what is really strange.
Ah the joys of Zoro fandom. They make all kinds of crazy stuff like how Zoro has CoC. I expected Zoro/Sanji/Brook/Usopp/ maybe Nami to have CoA or develope it at some point.

I dont remember Zoro cutting any logias down but even so I doubt Haki is the only way to beat a logia. I.e Luffy vs Enel. Im sure Mihawk taught Zoro how to handle a logia without the need of haki. Many ways to skin a cat.

Drake X definitely has a cool df but it is practically uselesss since a T-rex is big and slow. Best mythical zoan so far is Marco's. I expect Drake X to somehow be connected to the RA since he is a marine turned pirate just like Dragon.

What interest me most is Franky is confirmed to be equivalent to a PX which is pretty cool.
Ah people underestimate Law. They dont understand that within his "room" he controls the laws of physics. He is almost god there. Probably one of the most underrated abilities in the series. Such an ability is ideal for war.

I wonder what he is planning, even if he is a shichibukai, he is not going to get away with killing a VA.

Eitherway, it looks inevitable now that some kind of conflict is going to happen between Luffy and Law.#

Edit: The super pose was epic.
Well alot happened this chapter.

-Hannyabal is the new warden with the possibility of Megallan being promoted to admiral level.
-BrownBeard is alive and a centaur lol
-Ope Ope fruit is confirmed
-Tashigi has low level CoA
-High level CoA users can negate law's ability but im not sure about personality shambles
-Law has CoO
-Law is one cruel badass mofo and I love it

With this chapter Law fully showed that he is just as cruel as his title "the surgeon of death" suggests.

I wonder how this will end because Law cant afford to let Smoker and the G5 leave. Nor will Luffy allow Law to get away with what he has done with his crew Someone has got to die, to resolve this, most likely Law which I hope not because he is to awesome.

*Since Tashigi has CoA it would be weird if Zoro doesnt have it now.
Lol I knew out of the supernovas Law had the most potential but to think he could steal the heart of a logia is outrageous. He is scary and his abilities are no joke.

I just love that quote "weakling cant pick their way of death."

I would be surprised if Smoker is dead but he has definitely been defeated. If he tries anything Law will just crush his heart and kill him where he stands.

I really want to know whats going on now with the kids and whoever Law is working for.

At this point I cant imagine Luffy and Law not fighting which I dont want because Law will lose by plot.
Really happy with how One Piece is progressing. Instead of a slow build up to big events like part one. In part two each arc has emphasis on massive plot points to come. And not just random ones like Kaido vs Shanks but more direct ones like SH vs Yonkou Big Mam and hopefully SH and HP vs Donflamingo.

Im glad Oda confirmed one thing. Moves like elephant gun and grizzly magnum are 1 hit KO moves. And it make sense. When I first saw elephant gun, I thought, who could possibly survive that. And so far no one has. It's only weakness is that it is slow. It will be interesting to see what Luffy does vs some more faster and versatile enemies in the future.

I laugh so hard at grizzly magnum. I am surprised CC is still alive after that.

And Law was just so epic against Vergo.

Hopefully, Donflamingo doesnt retrieve CC, which will mean HP and SH will have to stick together inorder to survive his wrath.
Soo Franzoir, who do you guess will get the Mera Mera no Mi ?
One of the Strawhats or will Luffy give it away to someone else? :3
QUOTE (Enjeh @ Jul 19 2013, 05:32 AM) Soo Franzoir, who do you guess will get the Mera Mera no Mi ?
One of the Strawhats or will Luffy give it away to someone else? :3
It will probably be Rebecca and she will join the crew as guessing. Violet might even join the crew as well.

Im secretly hoping Usopp gets it and feeds it to his Kabuto.

But to be honest I dont really care...I really want to see the three way fight at GreenBit.
QUOTE (franzoir @ Jul 19 2013, 07:01 PM)It will probably be Rebecca and she will join the crew as guessing. Violet might even join the crew as well.

Im secretly hoping Usopp gets it and feeds it to his Kabuto.

But to be honest I dont really care...I really want to see the three way fight at GreenBit.

Now when you mention it, I did not consider her getting it. but knowing Luffy, Rebecca might get it instead If no one in the current crew wants it. :|

The Idea about the kabuto sounds pretty cool, I would imagine something like this happening;
"Luffy for some reason decides to throw it to Usopp which cant reach it by hand, uses his kabuto instead, and the kabuto "eats" the fruit by accident"
No one quite does hype like Oda.

Love that Bart is a Strawhat fanboy...I wonder if Oda is parodying real life One Piece fandom.

I honestly thought it was the end of the road for Law but Im glad to see he is still as devious as ever with the ol' switcheroo.

I did laugh when the SH on the Sunny thought they were going to get slaughtered. I really cant put my finger as to why I found the thought of DD massacring them funny.

But ofcourse the most epic moment was Sanji skywalking his way to face DD. Everyone thinks that Sanji is going to get effed up but it still doesnt change how epic that was. The only way this can go well for the Strawhats is if Law and Sanji get to the ship...Law cast room the size the of Dressrosa and teleports the ship to the otherside of the island. Even then that would only buy them a small amount of time.

For the love of god please tell me Tra-law is alive. Awesome chapter but I am not happy at the possible death of Law.

Dam this "D" thing must have really infuriated him.
i dont think oda-sensei will just kill 'tra-guy'. well, i hope not anyways. i just started to get to know trafalgar's personality.

i love how zoro casually told luffy that the colisseum was surrounded by marines and luffy just answered, "hmm.." kinemon's reaction was hilarious!!

i hope oda-sensei will get better soon. i heard he's sick. just rumors.
Well that was one of the most extraordinary chapters of One Piece thus far.

*Fujitora blocks and grounds Zoro*
My reaction: Oh sh!t

*Big Mom Ship arrives*
My reaction: Oh f**k

"Please give me authorisation to attack Big Mom"- Sanji
My reaction: Holy sh!t

Big things are happening in One Piece. Monumental infact.
Well hot damn...seriously this is just crazy. When Oda wants to pull the trigger..he does it like nobody else. Oda can pull off these chapters because of 10 years of world building and hype but dam...ever since the War of Best the strategy has been paying off in spades with Dressrosa being the craziest yet.

Oda foreshadowed that Sabo might be alive but the way it was executed was excellent. The best thing about Oda is that nothing is a throwaway yet I still dont learn. I thought Koala was just a throwaway character but to see her back introduced and with Sabo and the RA just shows how Oda is the master of execution.

Week after week, I am just left stunned. Cant wait to see this arc's resolution.
Wow Dressrosa was the last post here. Been through Zou, Cake Island and we have been knee deep in Wano for years now.

It's great that Sanji will be facing down Queen. Think it's clear that Chopper will be fixing up Zoro for King. Oddly enough though it's Kidd vs Big Mom that has me thd most interested at the moment.
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