One Piece (Manga)

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Nice to see this thread has been busy.

Catched up on the lastest chapters. Tbh Sabo story was nice but it didnt do much for me. I wanted to move on with the main story. Anyway, Kuma working for the RA was forseeable since Iva hinted they were friends at the war.

I do like the fact that One Piece has gotten very sad lately. The idea that even in a world where dreams can come true there are still painful experiences that one must bare gives it an edge.

Judging by Rayleigh appearance, I reckon he is going to teach Luffy how to use haki and it is about time. One thing that scares me is, now that luffy realises his crew is the only thing he has left i feel very sorry for the next person that messes with the SH crew.
@franzoir: I think this thread has been so "busy" because, like you said, that whole past story was not really that interesting. It should have come before Ace died and not some time after.

I think so too that Rayleigh will teach him Haki now, but I must say Im not really thinking much of that whole "Rayleigh swam through Calm belt and whatnot without problems" thing. Even for One Piece this is just too much to believe and its making him far too great and completely unreachable for anyone.
QUOTE (masterkai @ Jul 16 2010, 01:16 PM) From 453 to 456.
I know better than to mix anime with manga, but god damn it Sanji.

Also, am I the only one who thinks Buggy might have been invited to become a Shichibukai?

I mean there are 3 open spots now, maybe even four if Boa Hancock leaves.

Gecko is death
Jinbei is gone
Blackbeard is gone.
If im honest ill say thats been my fav chapter since the end of the war. I really liked how it sumirised the shape of the world now. And signaling a new age was fairly cool, shame we could see more of those cool rookies with the title i cant remember.

I hope Jinbei joins the crew full time since it looks like him and Luffy have really made a good connection.
QUOTE (Repede @ Jul 30 2010, 03:59 AM) I'm sad, I really wanted to know what the letter said that was send to Buggy.
Yeah but we will probably get that all in due time. ALthough im kinda hoping its to have him as a Shichibukai. I know he by far isnt the strongest for the job, but if you look what he has done since impel down. He has pirates believe headfirst and bending over backwards to agree with what ever he does. So it in away brings pirates under his control. Granted i doubt this would happen, but you gotta admit it would be hillarious, especialy since we all know that in the bottom of his heart Buggy is a good man.
Im pretty sure that Buggy got a Shichibukai seat offer. I mean look at it like that, he was one of Rogers people, knows Shanks, escaped from Impel Down and has now many people under him with a very high bounty who are extremely dangerous. For the Marines it must look like hes really badass and the right man for the job.

But who wouldve thought that both Garp and Sengoku are resigning from their post. I always thought we will get to see a fight between Luffy and Sengoku while Luffy destroys the marines after learning the lost history.

We finally know what Luffy did and it was just great. Going into marineterritory almost alone and beginning a new era. Just awesome.
Sadly I dont understand the code Luffy gave his nakama. Seems like Im not strawhat enough *crys*
Frankys picture was great, it took me a whole minute to realize it was him ^^
Looks like mad things are happening to the One Piece World.

What i like most is i think Dragon is going to become much more active. Now that would be awesome.

However things are still in the interim stage, i need the crew to get back together now. Once that happens the story should develope quite a bit.

I guess a clash between Eustass Kid and Luffy is un avoidable, however, i reckon Luffy is going to lose to no man from now on.
QUOTE (franzoir @ Jul 30 2010, 12:18 PM)
I guess a clash between Eustass Kid and Luffy is un avoidable, however, i reckon Luffy is going to lose to no man from now on.
I really wonder how Luffy is going to become stronger now. I mean besides the fact he is going to learn how to use Haki, I'm curious to see what Oda comes up for Luffy.
Now this is what i am talking about, bout time the crew start thinking about getting stronger. have a feeling that Jewelry Bonney is Akainu Daughter. and Blackbeard the dude is weak, it's only because of his power that he really stands a chance. so i take it that Oda is going to start to focus on the straw hat crew and their trainning for now. As always Oda is showing why his One piece, is the #1 Shonen Jump Manga.
Now I guess the code Luffy everyone of the strawhats is that they will only meet at the beginning of the new year, hence the 16 bell rings.

But Im really surprised that Sanji didnt know that you can help the body through food oO How lame of him ^^

So Drake wants to fight one of the emperors already. Pretty bold move, but I like that.

I didnt think it was Bonnie who was catched by Blackbeard, I thought it was Capone judging from the black bubble he flew in with his ship, it looked like Blackbeards attack.
Lol, really, i mean come on.

What where the crew doing during the amazon lily and the war arc. I thought it was just implied that they should use this break to get stronger. Oh well. One good thing about One Piece is they dont have training segments so im hoping for a stereotypical timeskip. I really dont care what new powers the SH crew get (except for Zoro maybe), i just want the adventure to continue.

Donflamingo made me laugh, i know he's lying about Moria. Doing business with that fella is just a bad move.

I'm still pissed at the fact we know nothing about Buggy, but in all at least we got to see some X Drake.

The only of the Supernovas worth mentioning.
lol who care about buggy?

i just hope the crew get thogether without spending on 3 or 4 or more chapter on each charactor's training. but that probably impossble. as they are trying to make one piece run as long as possble. we are probably a old-san when one piece finish.

somehow i cant see ussop and chopper(except in beserk mode) getting strong. nami and nico too.
Buggy is awesome dude. 2nd best antagonist after Crocodile-sama.

Nami can get more techniques on her rod.
Chooper can find new forms to use on his rumble balls, and maybe control his berserk form that was able to one-shoot a member of the CP9.
Ussop can make new "star" or hopefully finally buy a sniper rifle and start killing people left and right.
Robin has infinite possibilities with her Devil Fruit, I think Oda doesn't like her.
I must say that Robin already knows most of her possibilitys, its just not that awesome in general.
Usopp really can learn a lot with new bullets and such things.
Chopper, dont really know except controlling his berserkform like Repede mentioned.
Nami can try to conrtol the weather better.
Franky I dont really know too except making his body more powerful and with new sorts of stuff to shoot.
Brook can learn a lot with the sword, but I dont really know what his island should teach him.
But the two which probably make the most jump of power will be Sanji and Zoro, at least those two have the most potency, but I dont know if Okama kenpo is the right way ^^

And of course everyone could try to learn haki, but I dont think anyone of them has a teacher for that and I too donk think that Oda will do this since its too easy and uninspired.
Interms of new powers etc. The only person im interested in is Zoro. Since the Water 7 arc and Thriller Bark, Zoro own personal development has become quite complex in comparison to the rest of the SH (including luffy).

I would like to see him learn haki because i dont see him competing with Mihawk if he doesnt. However, im not even sure if thats important to him anymore, which is why i say he is more complex then the rest.

Generally though as amazing as the war arc was, i need the crew to start having adventures again. So hopefully we can skip to new year or whatever and the crew can start a fresh.

Im also interested to see the dynamics of how the crew would work after the "Kuma incident." I would imagine it would be hard for them to be as carefree as they were before, X100 for Luffy.
QUOTE (Killer_Ossi @ Aug 06 2010, 04:55 PM) I must say that Robin already knows most of her possibilitys, its just not that awesome in general.

See, she can grow body parts out of anywhere in her body, and grow body parts, from those body parts.

How can't you not see how awesome that is.

Oda has clearly rejected her since she appeared.

Besides Skypedia she hasn't been on a single fight, and even then she was able to defeat the strongest priest with ease, while Luffy, Ussop and Sanji had trouble beating a single one.
Thats why I said that she cant really grow stronger since she is as strong as she could get with her devil fruit alone.
And awesome if for me either a Logia-user or someone with high Haki. Sure shes strong, but not awesome.

And about her having no single matches, its just clear why. If you look at it Franky never had a single match, Brook never had one and if Oda gave everyone a single match that at one point the good and interesting enemys would stop since every good and interesting enemy was already made and it would drag out far too much without advancing like Bleach was for a long time. So I rather have 2-3 single battles and maybe a great battle than 9 single battles.
Franky fought the zipper guy from CP9
Brook fought his Shadow in Thriller Bark.

Robin hasn't had a single chance to prover her strength, besides when she fought against the Skypia general, and train wreck him after she was out of the ruins, and then on Thriller Bark when she went against Gecko Moria with the rest of the crew and lost.

Her real strenght yet remains to be seen, it's real disappointing how you put her on the same tier as Nami and Ussop who really don't have any real strength.
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