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Just wondering If there is a thread or anything relating the Episodes which get taken off.. I would just like to know so that I can find out maybe 1 week or more before they are removed from the site, Because while I may be causing you inconvience, That wasn't intended however I was just wondering If you plan on removing anything soon?

Hopefully not Mononoke, or Overdrive in the course of a week


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Well you can always check for the anime request thread in the anime section, but if the series is licensed then you're going to have to wait for the DVD of the said series, since we can't give out any links to US licensed materials.


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There are 2 reason file will be removed and one is once it get license then it will be removed and also file will be removed to make room for new series the one that get removed usually old or less active dl files. If something u want did get removed and it not license then just request it in the Anime Request Thread.

Well Thread Closed =P
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