New Prince of Tennis

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Title: New Prince of Tennis
Genre: sports, shounen
Serialized In: Jump Square Monthly Magazine
Starting in: April 2009 Issue
Official Release Date: March 4, 2009
Prequel: Prince of Tennis
Ryoma is going back to Japan after he went to America when the first series ends. Around the same time, at Japan there are 50 middle school students who are invited into the U-17 training camp. This includes all seigaku members, hyoutei, rikkaidai, and other schools (players) that has been acknowledged.

The stories of this New Prince of Tennis would be around the U-17 camp of all Japan. Later on, I would guess that there will be tournament with other countries.

Happy news to all Prince of Tennis (PoT) fans. Prince of Tennis manga series by Konomi Takeshi has been officially coming back. (Note: this is actually old news. It has been announced for awhile now. )
However the sad new is that it has been moved from Weekly Shounen Jump to Jump Square magazine. This means that this manga will be released monthly.

The first chapter already out and translated. (This chapter is for Jump Square April issue.)

Note: for chapter 1 cover, see the first picture on this post.


LOLz about to start the topic when I've finishing reading it from OM

Not in jump any more...

Monthy release makes me disapointed