New General Rules.

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.:General account and posting rules:.

* To the new members
Introductions can be made HERE!

* Only one account per user allowed
In case of a user using more than one accounts, all accounts will be made inactive. One account per person is perfectly acceptable even if you share a computer with another member. Members found violating this rule will have their internet IP blocked.

* No dangerous content
You are not allowed to publically post or put in your profile boxes any personally-identifiable information about yourself or any other person that may lead to problems in the future. This includes but is not limited to social security numbers, credit card information, phone numbers, street addresses, etc. Basic information such as your first name, birthday, email addresses, and area (country/city) are okay.

* No illegal, derogatory, and/or pornographic content
This forum will not tolerate swearing and flaming other users! All posts that break this rule will be deleted and the author may be banned. Discussions and disagreements are alright. But always do so in a respectful manner. If needed, please address the matter to a moderator.
People from all ages come to FTV. Unless a thread is marked by a moderator as containing content not suitable for underage people, posting pictures or other material that are unacceptable for ALL AGES is strictly prohibited.
Also, any sort of pirated software, games, pornography, hentai, licensed anime/manga, or content that may be offensive to any user(s) are also prohibited. Means of promoting or requesting such content included. Such content will be removed immediately and user will receive a warning depending on the degree of offense.

* No Spamming and advertising
Spam is defined as, but not limited to: double-posting, posts without “content,” and commercial advertisements. You are only allowed to provide links of other websites and forums as long as it is relevant to the discussion. Advertising for profit is also prohibited. Such posts on the forum, in the profile boxes, or in the signature should be reported and will be removed as soon as possible. Note that a post without “content” includes but is not limited to one line/word posts and off-topic posts.
Posting/thread making wars and posting to simply increase your post count will not be tolerated. If the admin, a moderator, or sempai suspects that this is occurring, posts or threads will be closed/deleted and a warning will be private messaged (PM) to the respective user(s). This is a forum for discussion. The number of posts you have is not important.

* Creating topics and general posting etiquette
Search for any topics that already may exist and revive them only if necessary before making a post. Posting in another language aside from English (few exceptions), slang, excessive shorthand, all caps (unless for good reasons), ridiculously small or large font will not be tolerated and will be deleted without warning. Your post must be comprehensible by all English literate users viewing the site. Internet language is allowed, but keep in mind that if a user misinterprets your post, it is not their fault that they are unable to comprehend internet lingo! It is your fault!
Make sure other users feel welcomed to any discussion going on. That is, do not make the discussion only possible between two users; make it such that it is possible for anyone to intervene and respond at any time. If such “chit-chat” is going on, please take the conversation to a private message. No one wants to read through why your dog is called buster or what you and someone else did at the weekend. Therefore, please keep private conversations to our Private Messaging system.

* Posting Images
New users are only allowed to post images and other links after they have reached a certain post count and have been active enough on the site. Users are encouraged not to disclose what the approximate count is in order to prevent spammers. Medium/Large images should be uploaded to image hosting sites and placed in posts as thumbnails. ANY post that does not follow this rule will either have their images removed or simply deleted. Do not use adult/mature image hosting sites as they tend to result in unwanted ads for users who attempt to view the full image. Putting images behind spoiler tags is also a no-no. They still increase load time of the page and can become a hindrance to other members. Repeated offense will result in a warning and possibly loss of image posting privileges.

* Moderators and Posting
All moderators reserve the right to edit or delete any sort of post that he/she feels is offensive or spam-related material without prior warning(s). If your post was deleted without your knowledge, you may PM and ask a moderator to find out why.
.:Signature and avatar rules:.

* Signatures
Allowed content:
1 Signature (max size 550 by 200)
Max. overall height: 200 pixels
Max. image width: 550 pixels
Max. file size: 500 kilobytes for still images, 1 megabyte for animated images.

+1 Small image next to signature (max size 300 by 200)
Max. overall height: 200 pixels
Max. image width: 300 pixels
Max. file size: 100 kilobytes

+4 Userbars (max size 350 by 20) (or buttons containing the same amount of space)
Max. file size: 40 kilobytes

For signature image hosting you can use

Signature may not contain offensive or potentially offensive materials. Offensive materials are defined in * No illegal, derogatory, and/or pornographic content section of the .:General account and posting rules:.

All links in signatures must be to safe sites. Placing images behind spoiler tags is not an acceptable solution for signatures which violate the rules stated above. In other words if you have more content in spoiler tags then the rules allow we will remove it (exception for text only).

Users with images in signatures larger than the allowed size will be warned via PM to appropriately remove, replace, or re-size the image within 48 hours after the moderator has sent the message. If the signature is not fixed after 48 hours, the respective moderator will remove the image without further notice and the user will not be allowed to add a new signature until the new signature is presented to the mod and approved. Failure to comply may result in the loss of some privileges on the forum.

However, if a moderator deems your signature to be a hindrance to other member's use of the forum (e.g. excessive signatures), they may remove the image(s) first before sending you a warning

* Avatars
Max. height: 100 pixels
Max width: 100 pixels
Like signatures, avatars may not contain offensive or potentially offensive materials.

Most important of all, use your heads. These rules are not too complex to follow and are there to make sure this community stays a friendly and welcoming place. Now that you know the reason for the rule, try to act appropriately.

This is all if you have any more questions contact the staff by PM or ask it in the Troubleshoot & Support section
Not open for further replies.
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