Net Ghost PiPoPa


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Rina Satou as YÅ«ta
Masashi Yabe as Pat
Ryoko Shiraishi as Pit
Satomi Arai as Pot

The series stars Yūta Akigawa, an elementary school boy who lives in a city run entirely by computers. One day, he opens a phone email message that sucks him inside his mobile phone and into "net space." There he meets three mysterious creatures named Pit, Pot, and Pat — PiPoPa for short. The four go on adventures between both the human world and the net world. -moonphase

Info taken from ANN

- I have been waiting for this to be subbed when I've first seen the raw. I love it! The city is cool and computers run it. Yuuta is scared with computers but he got sucked inside his cellphone when he touched the screen. He met 3 "net ghosts" that were being chase by a virus that looked like a shark. I also like the ED. I have yet to find out who did it.
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