Naruto Manga Thread

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You cant really blame the girls for beeing useless since they just dont have a chance against the guys with their 20 Mario Extra-Lifes and hundreds of Deus Ex Machinas in their bag.

Konans plan was great and for that you had to be powerful. But it doesnt help if youre against the creator of the universe wich Madara soon will be until he gets defeated by the bromance team.

Oh and at least the women look good so they arent useless
Read Bleach or Fairy Tail, or even D.Gray-Man for that matter to notice the difference between the women looking *good* in Naruto and other mangas ;d. Frankly, quite often I can't tell the difference between men and women in this manga. And no, it's not that boys are so beautiful (excluding Sasqueueueue = he's gorgeous - said hetero
QUOTE (Killer_Ossi @ Sep 15 2010, 09:04 PM) Konans plan was great and for that you had to be powerful. But it doesnt help if youre against the creator of the universe wich Madara soon will be until he gets defeated by the bromance team.

Oh and at least the women look good so they arent useless

Agreed, Madara is now the creator off all things in existance, heck i wouldnt be surpised if he gives birth every few years and has kids, he expected twins. But before he could carry them to term some evil ninjas stole them and inplanted them in other mothers, hence the birth of Naruto and Sasuke. Heck it even fits with this destiny rubbish.

Sometimes reading this i regret my habbit of never dropping a manga. *sigh*

Roll on next week i suppose
^Lawl. I say just stop reading it for a few weeks and check back; that's how I did it. Stopped reading it around... "Pain's invasion" just to read the latest chapter now to find out that this manga is going to continue going for a loooong time.

Why? Well, Madara only has three out of 6(was it)? paths now, whatever those are, which means we have about three "arcs" coming for each one, not to mention the hidden path that will be revealed once Madara finishes collecting them, then the fight; and more Sasuke drama; then the Kabuto fight, then more Sasuke drama, and lastly some more BS from the author that he pulls out of his behind... followed by Sasuke drama.
am I a prophet? i think i am a prophet.

*copyrights the idea of Narusuke fusion rikkudou battling Madara*

Oh and Ill just leave this here:
QUOTE The golden rules of PartII Naruto:
1. Filter out all the panels with female characters. Its not like they would do anything that is important
2. If you see uchiha enter the fight, expect the CTRL+Z to be used a lot for next few dozens of chapters.
3. Madara always "almost gets hurt", "almost shows his identity" and then wins.
4. If you hug people they will become your friends.(same applies for reading a book).
5. If you hug animals they will become your friends.
6. Main Character is always right and everyone is either light-based or hatred-based.
7. Chakra is 10x times better juice than whatever Jesus was using for his miracles.
8. Don't get too attached to the plotpoints or characters. Kishi will most likely just short-circuit them all to hype uchiha madara.
9. Every description of attack/character/lineage/history/country/power/tailed-beast/etc/etc/etc is a hyperbole used for hype.
10. Rule Nine does not apply to: Uchiha, Sharingan, Madara, Sasuke.
No way, Madara is going to attack Konoha. Uau. So great. And he's got a huge fan too. Sweet.
Guys, I think im a fracking prophet. Predicted a character-derailment flashback - it happened1~

So overall lets see:

_ Konan in the end was just another useless Kishimoto-style female, just there to waste the pags with no real connection to story, except for being a "third person" in the kishimoto's three-person flashbacks.
- USELESS FROG FLASHBACK. COngrats Kishi, you just mad me think of Jiraya as a pedophile.
- yay lego Madara. My theory about him becoming Jyuubi is 11100% correct now. Just look - after he absorbs 8 tails and other beasts, his form will change again and after he gets Kyuubi he will look like a huge blob of darkness jyuubi with the "mask" becoming that big eye on his head.

- Overall, except for last two pages, this chapter could as well be omitted and nothing would change.
Messiah so to speak
Let's call him milord from now on
To be fair waste of trees and ink. But the most ammusing thing in this entire chapter is that Naruto will be going on Hiatus while a One Shot (im guessing from him and not his better brother) will be printed lmfao)
Muahahhaha, ridiculousness goes even further ;D

Now we have 'hundreds of thousands' of Boba Feets. Dear God, why have you abandoned Kishi's disturbed mind?
So Zetsu is nothing more of a clone soldier for Madara? And Yamamoto is a clone of the first Hokage? Maybe Naruto is just a clone too?

That chapter took out every interest I had for Zetsu -.-
doesnt anyone get killed stay dead dead? i bet you orochimaru is not dead too. and itachi gona pop out soon. i mean to hell with their revival technic. the dead just wouldn't stay dead
@askara: Yeah, completely b*ullsh*t. But the most stupid thing this chapter was that Naruto is actually believing he has an S-Rank ecology mission. I cant really say if Kishi wants Naruto to be a Hero or the dumbest person in the world. Thats switching so fast, its ridiciulous.
OK, so far we've foreseen everything...
QUOTE (qrdel @ Oct 21 2010, 06:53 PM) OK, so far we've foreseen everything...
Pretty much, but regarding whoever it was who posed the question about Narutos stupidity i think Kishi answered it with Naruto beign a total dumbass.
Isn't Naruto at a stage where he can just go Jesus on everyone's ass? It's rather impudent of all these weaklings trying to protect him and Killer Bee. After what happened with Pain what makes them think they can actually do something now? The power balance is so messed up.
QUOTE (askara @ Oct 22 2010, 05:58 AM) anyone think one of the ringan is going to sasuke?
Just give Anybody-sama some time to predict what's next.
Oh dear God, but where's the third? Since they brought back about everyone that has ever died in this manga.

Laugh contest.

Man oh man is Naruto a damn slowpoke :/.
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