Naruto Manga Thread

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hey i made this thread becuase i didnt see any about naruto....

well naruto is a really good manga/anime so yeah

does anyone else think that naruto: shippuuden is like moving really slowly as in story wise
it takes them a while to cover one story oh well still good....
well. since the manga is open for discussion, lets start.

based on the most recent chapter, sasuke isn't that strong too. although he's most likely going to win, but it seems that he cant really handle deidara. still not convincing enough to challenge itachi. =D
yeah i agree.... he thinks hes really strong he looks it.....but i still think itachi would kick his ass
I wouldn't be too sure that he won't match up. Though he's working in the fight, he's not exactly having a lot of trouble. Deidara hasn't landed a single blow throughout the fight and he hasn't even used the sharigan. Plus consider that he's beaten Orochimaru, who logically should be stronger than Deidara (Deidara was at best even with Kakashi and Kakashi is definately weaker than Orochimaru). Besides that, mangas and animes aren't always perfect about continuity, especially in fights. They just want each fight to be good, so you won't see too many blowouts.
I bought the first of these a long time ago in japan... It taught me a lot of elemental kanji >.< lol
sasuke well i dnt really like him hes like mean n doesnt really get that heaps of people care about himz n obsessed with his brother......

his like a character u love to hate

so when specfically does the manga come out i just read it on friday when the new episode comes out.....

has anyone read/seen the pilot manga is so different and like u wouldnt really tell it was the naruto that we all know but still it looks pretty good....
holy molly, this is an epic battle between Deidara and Sasuke

i didn't think Deidara was this powerful, with his microscopic bombs and his ability to see through the genjutsu of a sharingan user...

is this the end for Sasuke???
...i think not

but will Deidara die???
...i hope not

and what role will Tobi play in the next chapter?? and wtf is everyone else doing while this is going on...maybe one of the 'Snake' members will interrupt this fight??

who know, I'm looking forward to the next chapter
this is a really really good battle between sasuke and deidra (cnt spell it)....

tobi is so stupid....he keeps thinking deidra is dead it was funny the fisrt time now its juz stupid lol...

i wonder what the gang is up to well naruto,kakashi,sakura,sai and the rest of them...

cnt wait for the nxt chapter

i love naruto......
And naruto dies, end of the story. WAHAHHAHA
But no really, sakura is following that beast dude and will, sooner or later find... wait, before that happens, itachi will find naruto. so it's all good
Has anybody had read Chapter 363??

Akatsuki leader has been revealed (Pein) plus the female member whose name is unknown for now..It's goodbye Deidara for good but I'm still not sure about Tobi...
umm i juz wanted to ask noob whyd u say that for...?!?!?!?!?

and i have read chapter there is a new guy in the mix with weird eyes lol this is getting really good....itachi thinks sasukes dead
i think his kinda sad....i wonder how strong this new nameless dude is going to be......

i know this completely off topic but i juz have to say NARUTO MOVIE COMES OUT IN AUGUST YAY.....first naruto shippuuden movie titled "naruto dies" juz had to say it
chapter 363 was cool especially the last few pages ^^ i really wanna know who that guy was and how strong is he
aghh cant wait for more. Also i really think tobi didnt die hes still alive sumwhere but poor Deidara he was kind of cool "art".

oh yeah what movie is coming out in august
the first ever naruto shippuuden movie(the older verison of the anime)
for that is tittled "naruto dies" their have been trailers posted on youtube and some other sites... not alot is given away yet but it looks like a great movie

it comes out in japan in august so it will take around about till april 2008 before the subbed verison is realeased it sounds so long away ......

chapter 363 waz awesum.... i want chapter 364 to hurry up and come out i want to find out info on that new guy
will the new movie be the end of the naruto anime series? because there have been a lot of rumors going around about Naruto's death in the movie.
eek i just saw the trailers i really wanna watch it T.T if i can get the raw before they release it with subs ill just watch it
well it does look like hes going to die (for a while). ahhh so curious...

well you guys think he'll kind of like "die" in the manga because of how they might get his kyubi so yeh. cant wait to see how this story goes.
i think tobi's dead. the pein said that ninja of his level are easy to be replaced. too bad. din even get to see much of his abilities.
prolly another sharingan user. he may have gotten away by transporting himself to another dimension. agian you never know whats ahead.

edit: hahahha agian, wow, cant believe i misspelled again :s
well in the naruto shippuuden movie in the latest trailer naruto dies twice
....but their have been alot of theories but i reackon he will be revived or the movie is just seperate from the anime but i reackon because the manga and anime are so popular they will keep it going for a while yet to come......(i hope so)

naruto manga chapter 364 has it even come out yet??? the site i read it on hasn't updated so im not sure... ohh right its not coming out coz its a double edition kool as i forgot
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