my computer still at acer wont fix it


bloody hell acer they said they ordered the new casing like week ago now they said i we need to wait for that part its been there nearly month trying to repair that part.

they wont even give me a new computer after 3 month of sitting at repair centre

Now this is no fair....

1 computer i sent to be repaired first time they formatted the computer sent it back computer resolved!!! wrong problem still on it

2. second time i sent it they fix it but they buggered up touch screen monitor.

3 third time i sent my computer they did not even close my computer properly i only ask them to close the casing of computer now they going to order a new casing

come on 3 time computer was all repaired only thing they needed was close the casing.

they said it was damage i blame them cause they stuffed it and they wont even give me new computer saying we dont give out new computer cause ur computer not class as unrepairable just useless words saying they wont fork out money to buy me new one.
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