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You all probably have the latest versions of messenger, but I still prefer and run MSN 7.0. So I was not very pleased when I went to log in yesterday and it told me it's now forcing me to upgrade. Until I do, I cannot use MSN.

Does anyone know what versions still work? Or do I have to upgrade to Live? I've had Live, hated it, deleted it, and reinstalled 7.0. Are there other 7-versions that still work that I can download? I might have to boycott MSN until I otherwise accept the change
I think all version from below 8.0 will not work. I had 7.5 before and yeah, it also asked me to upgrade.
I also had struggling for a few hours to get used to this new feature, but after you get a hang of it, it is actually better than the previous msn messenger. The only thing that makes me mad are the emoticons that I had on 7th version, were gone...
Me when i had to do something with the smilies like my reformat I had sent all my smilies to my other msn account so I can send it back to me later lol... but I was thinking there was a file that had all the smiles in it but I never found it lol...

I not sure what version work since im on live with msn plus ^^ can send custom sounds haha

You could try dling a higher version until it work XD if you like that next higher one...
Well, I don't really understand why would you hate Live so much. Anyways, if you really want to talk on msn but not use msn messenger then you can use Gtalk or YIM nowadays.
you dont have to download LIVE, you can always just use 8.0 cuz i think none of the other msn versions work >.< 8.0 is simliar to 7.5 but really LIVE isnt so bad >.< what does it tell you to upgrade to? but yeah, the only thing that pees me off is that you lose all your emoticons when you upgrade or re-install >.<

on a side note: Gtalk is really really basic... i cant use Gtalk >.< i feel so emotionless when i use it, cuz on Gtalk you cant have any custom emoticons
Well, emoticons aren't a problem. I have all of them turned off (so instead I get people sending me weird symbols ... if I ever go "huh?!" it's probably because I don't know what you're sending me). I like my basic MSN ... no emoticons, nudges, winks, whatever all those other stupid features are. And no beeps. Just email notifications.

I have to use Live at home because my brother upgraded the computer. I just ... don't like it. It's ugly. And weird. And I hate change, just let me keep my 7.0! And bring back hotmail

I guess I'll give 8.0 a try tomorrow then. I don't really want to switch programs, because all my friends have MSN. Plus, I'd probably just stop using it all together if I had to get a new program .... it's been months since I've really used MSN a lot.
Then what wrong with live you can turn off all that if you wish and keep the email notifications. humm how did 7.0 window look like I honestly dont remember haha since i went from 6.something to live because ppl was saying some like to do nudge alot ...i was like uhhh huh.

Everyone hate change when they got uses to something but all everyone need to do is to get uses to a new program or thing if they want to continue to use what ever they using.
Yup, go with doofus. I prefer trillian because it looks nice with skins
. Gaim got too complicated for me because it wouldn't log into my MSN account -.-
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