Mpeg 4 Encoding Problem


ive actually had a problem with some anime but not all just "Yoake mae yori ruriiro na Crescent Love", "Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru" i can't encode them to Mpeg 4 correctly and when i do it dosn't play back the video or sound it just has a coddec error witch im not to surprised because Mpeg 4 is a unstable format but it's the only way i can put the video on my ipod and psp
so if someone could help me with this situation then please do, if not then thanks for trying.
P.S i use cracked version of "ImToo Mpeg enconder 3" to encode the video so far it has helped me with everything but those two videos there is no more info i can give except that this could be the Fan subbers idea of fun and games lol

Thanks again to whom who read this

itune Screen shot

Error Mpeg video shot


Try using the Jodix ipod Video Convertor. That's how I convert all my videos into a quicktime movie format that itunes accepts as well as my ipod
You can easily google the name and it should come up. It's also free if you're wondering.

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*Not really a playback issue.*


Ok well i don't care anymore and it seems no one wants to help me thanks anyway ill figure it out on my own.


QUOTE (Jamjum @ Nov 24 2006, 11:43 PM) Ok well i don't care anymore and it seems no one wants to help me thanks anyway ill figure it out on my own.

It's only 4 days, and if your post is not getting replied, that does not mean no one wants to help you. It might be mean, that they don't know the problem either, or they might also didn't read this thread. Also. mpeg4, is very rare to be used. To be honest, this is only the third or fourth time, I have heard someone using this type.

Anyway, check out this. I haven't check this myself, but I just did some research and might be worthed to be looked at.

Last thing, you may request the thread that you make to be closed, but not with writing -thread closed-, like that. It could make confusion, especially to new members, since you write thread closed but it does not closed yet. Sempais and moderators will close the thread if they feel need to, or it is under the thread creator request. I will not close this thread, since I don't think the problem is really solved yet.
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