Mondaiji-tachi ga isekai kara kuru sou desu yo

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Title: Mondaiji-tachi ga isekai kara kuru sou desu yo

Genre: Action, comedy

Sakamaki Izayoi, Kudō Asuka, and Kasukabe Yō have tremendous psychic powers and are bored with the regular world. An envelope arrives for each person, and when each opens their envelope, they are stunned to see the scenery around them change to a world they had never encountered before. They've been summoned by the Black Rabbit to help the community "No Name" to overthrow the Demon lords.

This is definitely one of the better series this season. The story itself ain’t surprising. We got an seemingly overpowered hero and some group that needs saving. Still the girls seem weaker than expected. However the story seems to indicate that they all will grow during all events.
Izayoi is smarter and stronger than everybody….still every gift has a countergift which can cancel it I think. He may need the rest to help.
A plus is also the comedy with Black Rabbit. She seems stupid but as the last episodes indicate she is an aristocrate of that world and can be strong. A nice series till now.


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I stumbled unto this one and started watching anime again.
Fell in love with the characters immediately, watched all 9 episodes that are out so far in one go
shame that number 10 seems to be the last one, i feel like they could do so much with this, but hey, watcha gonna do
This is kind of a fun series, but I'm kind of supprised as to how this ended up as a shot season here. I mean it's kind of rare to see a 10 episode season you know.

In any case yes I also watched up to episode 9 and I have to say that for some reason I do like the antics they cause when they go out of thier way just to tease Black Rabbit here and there.
allright, i have some hope now
This is based on a series of light novels, there are 6 as far as i can tell, and the synopsis for the story so far seems to be in volume(book) 2(thank you google translate), so there are 4 more.
Gives hope that this wont end,
cause after all its all about the ratings

Oh and here's the homesite for the light novels if you wanna look
It is too bad that this show was only 10 episodes... with 1 OVA to come later. It was so much fun to watch
Reminded me of a darker version of Dog Days (b/c people actually do get hurt in this one). I liked the legend of the Pied Piper and all these elements being tied to it that I never thought of before, like the black plague. I had no idea the two were related. Maybe because I was only familiar with the fairy tale kids version where nobody died

Kurousagi was a fun mascot character, I liked that she was powerful and could hold her own. Izayoi was a badass from the beginning, but do we really know what his power was? I know he can destroy gifts, but what else? It seems like he has more power than that. And the ojou-sama proved her worth in the last episode by commanding that large powerful mecha. Overall it was fun and very enjoyable to watch with a colorful cast of characters and references to different fairy tales and legends
So this whole series ended up being mostly about either myths or legends either playing games, or fighting each other on a parellel plane in a sense.

I have nothing wrong with the premise, just that the series was a bit short for the concept. In any case I have to say that I hope they will do more of this seires since it'll be a huge letdown if they only did this and one OVA here.
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