Miku Hatsune for the 2012 Olympics Ceremony




She's at number one right now. Thanks, Shinobu's_Lover, for the link. I voted and commented. Then refreshed and lost my comment to the sea of comments. Now, how do you know if a singer in this top-ten list will be in the Olympics?

And if it's for the Olympics, I hope to see cutting edge technology for a Hatsune Miku performance. Also, it'd be great if all the Vocaloids join in since it wouldn't be too hard to do so if Hatsune Miku is chosen to be a singer for the Olympics.


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QUOTE (truth2belief @ Jan 17 2012, 04:24 AM) Now, how do you know if a singer in this top-ten list will be in the Olympics? unfotunately it's not an official poll that will decide who'll sing there, in that site people can make their own top ten lists for fans to vote for their favorites... besides is great to see Miku currently as #1 in the list and reminds me the song Black Rock Shooter which anime series with that title will start next month, still I can't believe how justin bieber is up to the 9th place who has more votes than rammstein in 10th xD


true it's not official but the people who created the poll said that they would be giving their poll results to the Olympic Ceremony Committee and they would conciser the results.


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Even if it isn't official, it is quite good to know that she has that much of fans and followers ! But it would really be great if Miku could sing for the Olympic Ceremony... This would refresh the mind of a lot of people believing that a singer must be a human and not a machine...

Btw, I voted to ! Go Go Miku-chan !
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