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Japanese: 見える子ちゃん
Airing date: 3/10/2021 (Sunday release)
Episodes: 12
Genres: Horror, comedy
Studio: Passione


The story centres on Miko who is a typical high school student whose life turns upside down when she suddenly starts seeing monsters. Instead of showing her fright she pretends to act coy whenever these monsters appear. But the charade is hard to maintain especially when her close friends get embroiled in her drama! Mieruko-chan is an anime that mixes comedy and horror.



The series opener does a good job in building a good amount of suspense as we are never quite sure what we are witnessing in the early scenes. This feeling of uncertainty plus the anticipation of jump scares keeps you on the edge of your seat. Things reach a crescendo when we can no longer doubt what we are seeing. The horror on Miko's face is real! But instead of showing her fear Miko puts a brave face and pretends it is nothing. It is amusing.

These games continue into the second episode where the emphasis is now on the comedy rather than the horror that was a bigger feature of the opening episode. I will say whilst the first episode had some fanservice with its interesting choice of camera angles things heat up in the second episode as the service shots becomes more prominent due to the nature of the scenes shown. Overall it is a decent start but the first episode was the stronger of the two. I hope things get better going forward.
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Thoughts on Episode 3-4

Is it me or does poor Miko-san look a little knackered at the beginning of episode 3? It really does look like the girl had a few sleepless nights going into this one. Anyhow her day doesn't get much better with her adventures on the bus and the coffee shop. These scenes are great as the writers do a masterful job getting the music and scenery to bring a sense of tension. Very nice especially as we do get some funny right at the end of this arc.

Things go more in the occult direction in the latter part of the episode and while this wasn't quite as good (in my eyes) I get the feeling the characters featured will make a comeback sometime later so could be more relevant later on. The following episode deals with Miko's family, more specifically her young brother. I don't like to spoil things so will be keep things as brief as possible. It was funny and a little sweet although as usual we get to see more of those spirits. I just love the way Miko reacts to all those critters as her reactions makes it seem like you are really feeling the moments with her! What I will say also is never switch off after the credits as Mieruko has a habit of popping some good stuff after the credits are done rolling.

All in all this a good show that I would recommend. The fanservice has been toned down so even if that isn't your thing you should be able to get by with what the show dishes out now. There is still some around though but it is not sooo in your face at least as far as anime goes. I give this an 8/10 and this has the potential to be one of the hits of the autumn season.
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