Masich the Cleaner/Redrawer



Hello, My name is Masich (Artist/Pen name)

Busy since early 2012 with fan subbing / scanlations for a bunch of random groups.

Feel free to contact me for cleaning or redrawing a few manga pages (or a single page etc). I use PaintTool SAI at which I'm a perfectionist (pixel for pixel) I sometimes use photoshop as well, but I find SAI easier to work with as I'm accustomed to it.

My Conditions to work for free are :
- No Credits removal/names (as it violates the original creation)
- I ain't going to change colors, only fill it in at most.
- I do not hold any responsibility for anything that may happen after the work.
- I do not and will never take credit for work (Simply said, I will not Haunt you or put a lovely watermark in it)
- I do not touch R+ rated stuff.. Seriously burn that stuff away.
- I do not take payments for my work (Free = Free)
- Lastly, I always wish to check what kind of work I get. I'm not going to accept something that would include doing the work of five man!

P.S. If I do not reply to your messages within two days, It will probably mean that I am already occupied with other requests. I have a ton of free time, but there's a limit.
For contact : Either PM me or contact me on (Don't comment on the profile page)
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