Manga Section Rules

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Rules apply in the same manner in the Anime Section.

Taken from Ultima2096's post:

.:Manga Section Rules:.

* Manga Section
The section is, but not limited completely to, discussing events, stories, plots, and such of a manga series. This means all content involving manga should be discussed in this section only unless related to another topic under the same grouping.

* Licensed Material
If a manga is licensed, do not ask where to download it or tell people where to get it. Your post and all related replies will be deleted. To find out the latest licences check this thread: CLICK HERE!

* Spoilers
The majority of people do not wish to see spoilers or let alone read through countless posts of members discussing what is happening in the manga a few story arcs ahead of the manga, let alone the anime that follows the manga. So here we use spoiler tags which is so the text is whited out and the user has to highlight the area of text by left clicking and dragging over the spoiler area to read. Here is the code. CODE
Try reading here: *SPOILER Any spoilers not in this format will be deleted! SPOILER* or Any spoilers not in this format will be deleted!

* Search
At the top of the page you will find the Search button, its not there for decoration its there for you to search for information you need and also to check that a particular thread you are about to create does not already exist.

* Off topic/Chatting
Off topic posts or "chatting" in threads is a strict no no. No one wants to read through why your dog is called buster or two people chatting about what they did at the weekend. Theres a place for this and it is not here.

* Downloads and progress *
Posts about your download status or download issues do not belong here. Rather, it is preferred that you discuss actual anime and manga content rather than the method of acquisition (the store, a friend, download, torrent, etc) or distribution medium (DVDs, VHS, digital files, etc).

* Troubleshooting Problems *
Do not talk about episode playback problems here. If you have problems with video, audio, or subs, please post it in the Episode Playback troubleshooting forums. If you have problems or questions about downloading files, put it in the File Distribution forum. Other questions, such as translation/scanslation problems, are also to be discussed in the Troubleshooting section.

*Any questions or comments please pm me or any other mods.
See HERE for a list of all mods
Not open for further replies.
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