Manga Request Thread

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QUOTE (Shadow_Fox @ Jan 23 2007, 02:05 PM) Does anyone have History's strongest disciple Kenichi manga. i've only been able to find the first volume
The second volume of History's strongest disciple Kenichi manga:
Download Link Here
QUOTE (lizinda @ Feb 04 2007, 03:17 PM) Hi does anyone know where i can find hoosamguk_gokyo?
I found one site, but the manga for it is read online. You have to register with their group and then activate something called Web Access. Link
hey, hey, hey
does anyone know where to get nodame cantabile?!?!?! also what volume are they on and is it complete or is the story still goin gon from where the live-action drama left off?
can anyone upload KawaiiHeavens' Shuffle scanlations?

i tried registering but i keep getting an error message

i dont think it's licensed...
QUOTE (luigiroxu @ Feb 06 2007, 01:11 AM) hey, hey, hey
does anyone know where to get nodame cantabile?!?!?! also what volume are they on and is it complete or is the story still goin gon from where the live-action drama left off?
Nodame Cantabile is licensed, please do not request for licensed anime and manga. There are 14 volumes total and 11 volumes have been released in America.

And ss-samuel--x, wish I could help you there, but I keep on getting the same error as you, I'm sure someone in this forum has an account already or at least has the manga.
Sure, that'd be nice. Especially since I accidentally read a little spoiler when trying to find another site that has the download, it seems like things will get quite interesting in the manga.
i have the 7 chapters available and the Fanbook (is it even legal XD) and the omake

i'm uploading them now, but i have at most half hour left on the laptop, its nearly midnight and i have work tomorrow

i'll upload tomorrow if they don't finish tonight
shuffle omake

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Hmmm... I'll think I'll just quote myself here:

QUOTE As much as that stuff is nice, you still shouldn't double post... or triple post. You could just edit your post.

Thanks for uploading the stuff though (I already read the first chapter before though, I think I read it before Kawaii Heavens mad it so that you have to sign up to download).
Shuffle! Manga Chapter 1
Shuffle! Manga Chapter 2
Shuffle! Manga Chapter 3
Shuffle! Manga Chapter 4
Shuffle! Manga Chapter 5
Shuffle! Manga Chapter 6
Shuffle! Manga Chapter 7
Shuffle! Manga Omake

(Contains sex Scenes, they're blurred in "areas". not recommended for younger/naive audiences
Link removed. It is against site rules to post anything containing hentai!

i think i Misnamed the Omake as chapter 1, but ignore it, i haven't uploaded Chapter 1 twice haha;;

and gomen for not editing

Shuffle Chapter 8 is out this week i think
oh,I'm looking for Honey and Clover manga series.Where could I found it.By the way please tell me how many volumes does it have and did it end?
Honey and Clover is still active. Although the last release was a while ago. Both ShoujoMagic and LaFlaga are scanlating it.

There are 10volumes currently in Japan (it's ongoing).
But only 2volumes have been scanlated.
Here you can get free access to direct downloads of both Honey Clover and Paradise Kiss.
anyone knows about S.A. from Hana To Yume? (Hakusensha)

and one more Venus Kapuritio (dun know the spelling of it ^^; ) same from Hana To Yume (Hakusensha)
I think it's Venus wa Kataomoi. Only one chapter has been scanlated. If you want the series. I can get them to you raw.

S.A you can get at
That is if you want it.

If you want information. Um, I know nothing about it ^^
But I can help you look.
Venus wa Kataomoi is a new project to the scanlators M.N.M and Maboroshi. They released their first chapter on 4-Feb-07

Since it's joint, it should be faster? I dunno ^^
But it's definitely active.

Thanks for joining ^^
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