Manga Request Thread

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does anyone know where to fin the zettai karen children thre until chapter 16 in mangafox and then a chapter near 45
xcuse me guys. but can i request for Ragnarok Online manga. is there anyone here who knows where to find it or have the collection? i already found the 1st volume from mangadownload but that is all there is. im not looking for the one similar with the ragnarok online game but the original one where there's fenris fenrir char, chaos rune etc...hope there's someone out there that can help out; i've been lookin high n low for this one. thanks.
Sorry dude but i just did some checking at it turns out that Ragnarok your after is a Manhwa lisciensed by Tokyopop so we cant give you links to where you can download it.

So your going to have to spend some money and help support the Manga/Manhwa industry.
you can find that along with many other mangas at REMOVED all readable online.

No supplying links to licensed series. Thank you. - Barbo

(HAI LUIGI, long time)
Uh... Ouran's licensed. >_>
QUOTE (cross93 @ Jan 02 2009, 02:06 AM) hi.. i m looking for sumomo momomo mo volume 12, raw is fine. thx
Liscensed by Yen Press

QUOTE (usagi-doki @ Jan 08 2009, 06:38 AM)The manga i would like to request is Ouran high school host club.

and i thank you very much!

Liscensed by Viz Media

QUOTE (Hayato-kun @ Dec 28 2008, 06:24 PM)Hi i'm looking for "Baroque - Ketsuraku no Paradigm" manga..anyone know where to get the raws?

I searched but i cant find the RAWs for it suprsingly.
i see i see
well good then. lol

ummm, other request, or rather, inquiry.

Did any group ever translate the Toki wo Kakeru Shoujo TOKIKAKE manga?
Hi everyone, Im wondering if thers a manga on the"shikabane hime" anime? eng translation tnx. japaneese is not my strong card.

And if so where can I eather read or download?

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