Manga Recommendation

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Pastel is very good and MY Two Wings is funny as well (translated online)

Is I's manga any good I look at it everytime I go into the bookstore should I buy it let me know.


Someome pls recommend me some maga titles. I like shoujo stuff, a little more matured ones, love-story is a must

I already read some good titles like I''s, pastel, gatcha gatcha, hot gimmick, lilim's kiss, Aishiteruze Baby, pretty face, Milk crown, girls saurus.... It must be translated to english couse i cant speak japanese.
I almost forgot to mention i'm interested in some new story, so titles like ichigo 100%, Honey&clover, chobits etc not interests me couse i've already seen the anime of them.


QUOTE (MKK2004 @ Jan 6 2006, 08:56 AM) u are reading Pastel? cool, cuz i translated some chapters...

Kasimasi - Girl Meets Girl
Lovely Complex
Minto no Bokura
A Girls
Shouen Shoujo
Kasimasi - Girl Meets Girl>
I've got it up to chapter 14, not so mutch, more will come soon prolly.

Lovely Complex>
Up to chapter 13, dunno about the length.

Minto no Bokura>
Up to chapter 16.

A Girls>
only some chapters are released so i don't bother start reading a story.

Shouen Shoujo>
What is this ?
Tokyo boys&girls or Shouen Shoujo romance ? i still cant find any place to dl the Tokyo boys&girls scanlations.

What i really miss is 30-40+ chapters. And finished, fully translated ones would be the best. And thanks for your hard work translating Pastel


I'd recommend the following:

- Pretty Face - It was so dang funny, and I liked the art style.

- Midori no Hibi - the anime was good, the ending of the anime kinda sucked. The manga ending is a lot better. Also the manga has all these other story plots that are very funny and I wish they included it in the series

- Vandread - Different from the anime, pretty good.

- Tenjou Tenge - Artwork is extremly well done, you'd expect it though seeing how theres only one chapter out a month... Makes it kinda hard to follow. I like this manga more than the Bleach manga. (Bleach is good too but I don't feel like recommending it)

- Lilim's Kiss - Fun read, I kinda didn't like how it ended though.

I generally only read manga when im dissatisfied with how an anime made from a Manga. Beginning to read manga more independantly though.

Anyone else wish Pretty Face was made into an Anime? Would be hilarious to watch lol.

Edit: Just began reading Death Note, I think its great!


QUOTE (Thugforlife1232 @ Jan 5 2006, 11:45 PM) Is I's manga any good I look at it everytime I go into the bookstore should I buy it let me know.
ah yes this one is great imo.
the story is about 14 year old Ichitaka Seto. He has a crush on Iori Yoshizuki, the hottest girl in their school, but anytime he tries to admit his feelings for her, he tends to shy away or be an ass about it. It's very funny at times, and if you've watched or read Ichigo 100%, think of him as the Manaka Junpei in this series, but much more stubborn.


Anyone read the American release of Tsukiyomi? Or in general, is it worthy to pick up? I'm rather selective on what I purchase, but since I didn't get too far into the anime I was curious if the manga was any good (so not just story, but art too)


1) Hot Gimmick
2) YaYa
I'm a love/romance comedy guy myself so i would suggest:

1) Love Hina- It's funny yet the love story gets pretty deep and it will keep you reading until you finish and then you'll read it again! And the manga is way better than the anime.

2) Chobits- The whole story is excellent and deep with a good and memorable message.

3) Ai Yori Aoshi- This is like an anime-esque Romeo and Juliet.

And I would like to reiterate... Buy the manga, not the anime. They are much better.

I would go into more detail but I don't want to use up the whole thread


-萌え大将軍 (moé daishogun)
QUOTE (chidori @ Dec 28 2005, 03:23 AM) why everyone like about school rumble?
can you tell me pls.....
Late reply, but School Rumble is simply one of the funniest school setting based title there is.


I have really wonky tastes and they don't all fall in the same chatagory but I suggest:

Fruits Basket
Tokyo Boys and Girls
Kamichama Karin <--- so freakin' cute!!

Hot Gimmic
Absolute Boyfriend
Demon Ororon
Tramps like Us
Model <--- actually Korean manga
Petshop of Horrors
Vampire Game
Paradise Kiss


New Member
My favorite manga is:
Naruto, Planet Ladder, Sakura Master of the Clow, Chobits, and Kingdom Hearts!!
They are soo COOL to read. Im going to make a Library of manga, someday!!


I've been surprised by two manga recently: Death Note (which is messed up, but interesting all the same) and Crimson Hero (which looked like some typical shoujo series, but might not be?)

Crimson Hero really surprised me. It's about a girl who rejects her family due to her love of volleyball, only through a twist there is no girls team at her new highschool. So without a home and without a team, she ends up being house mother for the boys team (they have their own dorm apparently). If you like Shoujo Beat titles, or want something like Paradise Kiss, perhaps give this series a try. (Homepage ...)



man now i'm really interested in mangas... can you please suggest me mangas that have romance, really good, has comedy, little ecchi, and i woun't get tired of reading...

kindly suggest up to 4 titles...

manga now reading and want to read:
world of narue (reading)
ah my goddess (want to read)
love hina (want to read)

can you tell me if the "want to read manga's" are worth buying please...
thanks all.


i reccomend:
magister negi magi
demon king (korean manga)
fairy landing (korean manga, hard to find)
Fullmetal panic
chaostic rune
death note
air gear
hikaru no go
love hina
I'S (have nice female char)
Zetman (have nice female char)
Twins (1st chp)
Twins: the legend of kangou (2nd chp)
.Hack the twilight bracelet
onegai twins
onegai teacher
Tapak budha ( i don't know the english title)
i remember only that. i post again if i know some of good manga


shin kuang...
are all the manga you posted really good?

could anyone suggest please for me...

please tell me if it is your recommendation for me...


QUOTE (Angel453455 @ Feb 26 2006, 03:53 AM)suggest me mangas that have romance, really good, has comedy, little ecchi, and i woun't get tired of reading...

Hm, well off Shin_kuang's list, series which fit that would be ...

Chobits (probably the closest fit?)
Full Metal Panic
Love Hina

If a series sounds interesting, you should look it up and read the summaries to decide if it's for you or not. But maybe I'm the only person who researches a series to hell and back before deciding to download/buy.

Death Note is a rather good series though, but it's a shounen series dealing more with the morals of killing, I suppose. The first few volumes fascinated me. Hikaru no go is good if you want to watch preteen boys playing go repeatedly
and .hack/Legand of the Twilight Bracelet is this sort of parody of the .hack/SIGN series (and much more amusing, in my opinion, but then it is a comedy)

Wow, I've read half that list ... I read/buy too much manga


If you want a good manga hard copy pick up Suzuka which is being distributed by Del Ray Manga in August 2006. Thats why I wish I could read Japanese so I will not have to wait this long to get the hard copies.