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I recomend Todari and St.lunatic highschool. Whoever rated that book a D is dumb cuz i thought that book rocks. Togari is only at book 3 right now but its realy good so is st untic but st lunatic is only 2 books long. Blank is good too but they only made 1 book so far byebye for now n.n
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Oh you have to read Angel Sanctuary, Saiyuki, and Dark Edge
They have angels, demons, vampires and zombies, what more could you want right?!


QUOTE (talesweaver @ Jan 25 2008, 06:07 AM) can any1 recomend me a manga series which has romance, or comedy-romance
suzuka if you havent read it before,
i finished the whole 18 volumes in less than 36 hours
i liked it, ending was kinda expected but it was a happy ending,
overall not too bad

another one would be ichigo 100%

since i dont read manga too much, nothing much to recommend now


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Here's some good ongoing mangas:

Gantz: 266

Alive: The final evolution: 13

Vulgar Ghost Daydream : 19 (Volume 8)

K.O Sen: 6

Zero - The Beginning of the Coffin: 6 (cant find readable files for ch 7-13)

Dogs: Bullets and Carnage: 26

Tenjou tenge: 111

07-Ghost: 9

And some mangas I've finished:

Goth: 5

Alive!: 10

Hikaru No Go: 191

Dogs: 1

Dogs: Hardcore Twins: 1

Candy Boy: 5

Brother: 2

Cosplay Cafe: 1

Unmei no Anata (Fated You): 1

Punch de Date ~ Bodyguard ~): 1

Overwork: 1

Pleasure Point: 1

Presentiment (Yokan): 5

Reason For Desire (Yokubou no Riyuu): 1

Recipe: 5

Prisoner (Oumi). 5

Not Ready Sensei!: v2 ch 3 + ekstra

Battle Royale: 119

Akira: v6


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I'm looking for romantic comedy manga that generate the same feel as Karin. Any recomendations? Stuff similar to School Rumble would also be welcomed.

I'm reading Mx0, so leave that one out.

My recommendations: (romance shonen

Karin: Scanlating is ongoing...
Living Game: Very realistic stuff.
Suzuka: Verrry gripping. Really good stuff.
Genshiken: Excellent manga. Otakus (and yaoi lovers) will find it (very) enjoyable (hehe..)

I'm straight, for the record


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I just finished reading Zero/Six. It was a decent manwha.....very rushed though...and pretty short, only 5 volumes with about 21 chapters.
They could have developed the character of Jong-E more........actually this manwha had an incredible amount of potential for it but its unfortunate that they didn't do so.......DAMN!
However, this manga was pretty good and it had a very satisfyingly sweet ending to it.


- Sky King
BTW...does anyone know about B-men Kazoku ??

I've got 7 chapters of it already and I heard that it was complete but how many chapters where there all together ??

Also, I think there should be a General Manga thread.


I'm looking for school life type of mangas but does not relate to sci-fi or mecha. It can have fantasy, romance, ecchi, wtvr. I don't know, I really enjoy mangas that I can relate to in some ways. examples: Suzuka, Aishiteruze Baby, Ichigo 100%, Lilim Kiss, Mahou Sensei Negima, etc. As long it has some school affiliation. Arigato Gozaimasu!


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I got 3 recommendations that I really enjoyed and loved.

Koukou Debut - [shoujo, comedy, romantic, school life] It's about this girl who plays softball in the middle school. Haruna Nagashima decided after entering High School, that she will fall in love and have a boyfriend. She met this guy by accident while trying to be picked up. She ended up blurting out to the guy that he's attractive and she ran away. To her surprised, when she entered her high school, the guy is in the same school! She asked him to coach her to become attractive. But, Yoh Komiyama, declined her. (I totally love this!)

Arakure aka Wild Ones - [shoujo, romantic, comedy, school life] Sachie Wakamura became orphaned. After her mother's funeral, she finds herself alone and doesn't know where to go. An old man came and declared that he is the father of Sachie's mother. She was surprised and uncertain as he extend his hands to her, she looked at them and found he is missing his little finger! Sachie accepted the offer to live with her grandfather and wondering what kind of job he's got. Her grandfather gave her a very cute bodyguard who will be with her everywhere she goes. And he's a smart guy too and very popular in school. (It's so hilarious. I found this when I was browsing at Barnes and Nobles' Store.)

Cutie Boy - [shoujo, romantic, comedy, school life] Han-ah was bullied when she was in her elementary by this boy who's also her classmate. She is now in her high school and a gang leader at her school, by force. One day, walking home, she met a bishie who fell from a building nearby. Han-ah fell for the unknown guy and asked him to go out with him. Without knowing his identity and fearing for her identity as well as a gang leader/captain at her school. What will be her fate? (Very, very hilarious! It's one my favorite manhwa.)


Just picked up a manga today; entitled "Chocho"

Its getting ridiculously hilarious. About a chicken-lover (as in she loves to eat chicken meat) found a "CHICKEN" whilst strolling in the park. She took it home, with every intention of trying to eat it, and its darn cute.


does any1 know an shonen manga that has a tsundere main girl lead


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I've just experienced the joy that is scanlation manga with high school of the dead. I love Claymore, Blame! Battle Angel Alita and Eden. I'm 30 years old and avoid high school dramas and harem stuff, unless of course the artwork and story grab me...SO...ANY SUGGESTIONS for me?


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I would recomment Berserk, Lostfox. It has all the things you want from a manga series

Friendship, Betrayal, Revenge, lust, supernatural, gore etc.

In a sense, its similar to Claymore but better in my opinion. Iv bought all the books so far that have been released in the UK and thats 24.


i'm tired with anime =_= and decided to put them aside for awhile and reading some manga instead
and found some interesting manga & think that i would like to share here, they are;

Double Arts
Genre: Action, Shounen, Comedy (i think this story is funny
Description: The story revolves around a fictional world whose inhabitants live in perpetual dread of a deadly disease known as Troy which is almost universally fatal. The main character is Sister Elraine, one of the Sisters who becomes infected with Troy. But, when she touches Kiri, a seemingly ordinary boy, her seizures stop. So they had to to join hands together so that Elraine can keep alive until they find the cure for the disease. this one is pretty new, up to chapter 19 now, and the chapter's release progress seems consistent.

Genre: Adventure, One-Shot, Shounen
Description: from the same mangaka for double arts. a story about a girl name Aira, 14 learned the devastating truth about the island she lives on, which is completely surrounded by a huge wall. there's good points in the storyline and teaches us about passionate, dream, reality and courage.

White Clouds
Genre: Drama, One-Shot, Seinen
Description: Told from a rather unusual perspective (a dog), a beautiful and touching story about life, death and the heartening belief that we all will arrive at the same place when our time has come.

P/s: i love short stories... if anyone can recommend me some good one? XD


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can anyone plsss list down titles of mangas belonging to


particularly ones like I's pure(Aizu) and Suzuka.....

not much fantasy and can be related to students love experiences.....

with ecchi or without is fine with me....



QUOTE (drift3r2086 @ Sep 05 2008, 08:00 AM)
can anyone plsss list down titles of mangas belonging to
The only one that springs to mind is the very ecchi Iketeru Futari. It's very good though, combining funny, romantic and ecchi elements very well.

All the other high school romances I can think of have strong fantasy elements, as I like stuff with a weird or paranormal twist in them.


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can you plss list then a couple of mangas that has highscool life and romance with it.......

even if it has fantasy stuff....

i just life to read romance together with school life


Romantic highschool manga with fantasy/paranormal kind of themes:

Mysterious Girlfriend X by Riichi Ueshiba
(Boy starts goes out with a very strange but extremely cute girl who keeps a pair of scissors in her panties and with whom he has a strong empathic link - when he tastes her saliva he can experience her feelings and vice versa.) My favourite manga right now - see thread.

Psychic Academy by Katsu Aki
(Boy is sent to a school for people with psychic aura powers, and finds himself caught up in romantic triangle as well as sinister plans for world domination) This is one of my all time favourite mangas, a very tragic romance which unfolds brilliantly and works on lots of levels, though the Tokyopop translation stinks IMHO. (There was originally another publisher doing it but they seem to have lost the rights to it.)

Uzumaki (Spiral) by Junji Ito
(teenage girl and her boyfriend live in a town cursed by spirals - one of the most imaginative horror stories I've ever read)

GachaGacha by Hiroyuki Tamakoshi
(Girl's brain gets infected by a bunch of AI's from a computer game, and expects a boy who likes her to help her cope with her constant personality shifts. From volume 6 the story changes to being about a boy who turns into a girl when he sneezes, which helps him get to know the girl he likes.)

Umisho by Hattori Mitsuru
(high school swimming team romantic comedy, main girl may or may not be a mermaid)

Karin by Yuna Kagesaki (manag sold under the awful title of Chibi Vampire in the USA)
(Karin is a teenage mutant vampire who is drawn to a new boy at her school - but is it love or blood lust?) Both the anime and manga of this series are top notch and very nicely drawn.

Pretty Face by Yasuhiro Kano
(After a disfiguring accident, an evil plastic surgeon give a boy the same face as the girl he likes, and she mistakes him for her long lost twin sister.) Very silly slapstick comedy.