Manga Recommendation


I think that "HANA KIMI" is really good manga
and "Fruit Basket" --> they did complete the anime in the manga coz in the anime you don't know what happend in the END..
Hmm ... This thread has made me realize something. Pretty much all my manga is shounen ai. Must remedy that ... Anyone know if the Tsukiyomi manga is any good? I see the first volume is coming out soon.

I've read the first volume of HanaKimi. It was okay, but it was so similar to other series of its kind, like Girls Got Game. Alichino is just @[email protected] But the art is really nice (I actually haven't cracked open the second volume yet, kind of a waste of my parents money. For general series, I like xxxholic. Not a fan of TRC, but really enjoy reading xxxholic (and Legal Drug).
Gacha Gacha is good as well as She is the Ultimate Weapon.
QUOTE (smilelolz @ Oct 23 2005, 06:48 PM)does anyone buy manga?
I buy a lot more manga than anime. Probably because a DVD can still go for $50 (I can't believe I paid that for the one I bought yesterday
) and a manga is now done to $14, lol. But I generally just like it better, probably because I love books more than video. Colour and sound are great, but imagination is too
I don't buy SJ manga, so ... lol. TP was the first to lower their prices to $13.99 from $15.95 and then Viz went down to $13.95 from $14.50. I think SJ ones might be cheaper, but I'm not sure. My public library stocks all the SJ ones so I don't think many people buy them. I just wish DelRey would bring their prices down ($16.95 I think) and then yaoi ones were going for $22 at one point
Think they're down to $15-19. It's DVDs that haven't gotten any cheaper

But you know, Chapters monoploizes and sticks price tags over the cover-prices to make the book more expensive
And only on a few series (though they seem to have stopped now that most of the books have CDN prices)


-taichou (baka)
u buy from chapters!? ur crazy. all the chinese stores i find that sell manga (english manga mkk, not ur chinese 5$ a book) sell SJ for 12 tops. for like ADV who's books are a lil bigger mite be like 16. which mangas do u buy then? Eyeshield 21, Bleach, One Piece and Naruto are by SJ. wait a minute, the manga i hav say both Viz and SJ on the spine. ??
unless the anime is realli realli good, i wont buy it, if it was worth buying i would still get the i dunno wat they call it half-pirate version? like they contain the whole series, play on all DVD players (which i thought is illegal). Im thinking of gettin fullmetal panic fummoffu on like official DVD. it was one of the first animes i ever watched and it was one of the best animes ever. if i could i would get all the FMP series in offical. but that would cost a damn lot cuz official DVDs are 4 eps, and at least 20+ dollars. so that would make ...... 6 disks... at least a hundred...
I would recommend the Bleach, Naruto, and Berserk manga. Especially the Berserk one. It's sooo good!


-taichou (baka)
QUOTE (MKK2004 @ Oct 25 2005, 10:01 PM) the best is burn it into a disc and watch it in a dvd-player, LOL smilelolz~~~
yeah. thats great. i suppose those DVDs come with collector box set and all that crap and our DVD players at home can play DivX type files or anythin burned off a computer. to make that final, i dont hav a DVD writer either. its called a memory. so why not make it perfect? im sure eventually there will be somethin u love and will spend money on it.
QUOTE (smilelolz @ Oct 25 2005, 07:23 PM) u buy from chapters!? ur crazy. all the chinese stores i find that sell manga
First off, there are no Chinese stores around. Second, Chapters is the only bookstore we have (other than some used ones) and it's the easiest way for me to get manga. It's cheaper to get at Chapters, then having to order online and pay the shipping.

However, when I was in Toronto once I did buy from a Chinese store. I got a TP manga for two bucks cheaper (basically, the price they are now).

QUOTE which mangas do u buy then?

Right now I'm just following Yami no Matsuei, but I was buying Gundam Seed, Legal Drug and Selfish Love among others (shounen ai / yaoi titles, like I said, there seems to be a theme in my manga buying which I must remedy!) Well, I suppose Gundam isn't slash ... technically ...

And up until a few months ago I wasn't downloading anime, so I've been buying domestic release anime (or watching dubs) for years.


why do u buy it just download it from net i mean its cheaper!!!!


i used to read manga, but i kind of stopped. 10usd each is pretty expensive when i can by a real book for 5 and i don't even have time to read it. i did download all 33 chapters of airgear that were scanlated to english. oh and some honey & clover.

ranma1/2 - everyone likes it.
chobits - everyone likes it.
kill me kiss me - i like it. so goofy and funny.

probably more, i forgot.


@ben *kill me kiss me* kinda Scary title hmmm

the last one i read was GET Backers..since i couldn't find the last episodes T.T


it is £7 for one manga volume here in england, and as a poor student I cant afford to spend that much for what is about one hour worth of light reading!

but at the same time, I dont really like reading off the computer screen... so, i guess that I will just have to stick to anime then?