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Whoa?! Whats this? manga division? Are there plans for a manga forum devoted to only manga or somethin? Or is this the official manga thread? How will this work? I guess, you can make a seperate category for manga and then post all manga related threads within it, so users can easily click a manga in a nice list. This thread is a dicussion on the topic right?


Well, arent there a lot of anime sites out there? If daft can make a site for anime and run it sucessfully, mabey he can create a manga site. But I don't know if it would do too well, not as many people download mangas as they do with animes. A manga branch though would be neat.


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its a good idea but i think the question is, is it worth while? manga isnt that popular and there are sites such as manga-updates which is incorporated with baka-updates that already provide downloads. so IMO i just think its a good idea but is it worth while i dont know


I think a manga division would be interesting. I personally enjoy manga more than anime at times, and do download a fair bit of it. But a lot of the popular manga become licensed so it may be hard to keep up?

Though I do agree it's easier to find DDL manga than anime. And because the files are so much smaller, people share them a lot more. If you can access livejournal, you can get DDL for basically any scanlated manga.


Seems like a great plan and the test page seems to work. I don't know about the actual download since I'm not too interested in that particular manga (and starting 24 chapters in isn't a great idea).

Just wondering but where would you use as a reference for unlicensed manga chapters? I know animesuki is great for anime but as far as I know there isn't a similar site for manga.


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QUOTE (langes01x @ Dec 22 2007, 09:54 AM)
Just wondering but where would you use as a reference for unlicensed manga chapters? I know animesuki is great for anime but as far as I know there isn't a similar site for manga.

I know some sites, and id be happy to help you out just pm me

As for the division thanks, hopefully it will draw posters to the manga thread


Interesting feature for sure. I switched to buying manga several years ago, as it was cheaper than DVD's and I could read them at work without catching flack for watching DVD's or videos. Plus I would not get the "Is that anime porn?" line from the ignorant masses that seem to populate the majority of the US Military, sigh.
I strayed from the point I'm afraid. Back to business. I suppose one could do a usage study to see if the majority of users prefer to view the content online, within their browser (read: youtube) or download it for viewing later. Both are feasible! But why go the extra mile and provide an in-browser reader? Revenue! Manga pages are usually monochrome with shades of grey, which equates to a great compression ratio, depending on the file format used. It takes time for a end-user to read through a page, depending on the type of reader they are. That idle time could be used to precache the next page, presenting a seamless reading experience to the user. For revenue one could integrate interstitial advertisements related to the content.
In closing, I know that I would use this feature if it ever panned out. I would enjoy reading online, and possibly downloading the files to be read on a portable device later, such as an iPAQ. What woudl be really interesting is a portable device manga reader, that addresses the problems of reading image based pages on a limited resolution screen.


The idea sounds great

the Q is?

If there are many sites providing manga, why should Ftv have it too?

simple.. it will make it more systemic

anime, drama, music and manga


Lol, yeahhhh.....what Anime-Addict said sounds good....ah ha. Uhm, that's a really great idea I must say. Incorporating a manga division either reading online/downloading would definetly provide more posters in the manga forum as it seems that it is avidly a graveyard there in dire need of some interesting convo. I personally love manga, and if the feature were added here (where I already DL most of my anime from), it would be really convenient. That's my two cents.


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Just a note:
1) Some pages don't have the click to continue thing. Like, most pages, if you click the page it moves on to the next page, but on page 2 I doesn't have the ability to do that.

2) Would it be possible to choose the size? Like, fit to screen or fullsize? Even though I like the high quality of full size, sometimes I just want to scan through a few pages real quick and it's easier to do that if the image is fit to screen.

3) Page selection~ Would be nice to be able to skip to page 23 rather than having to move forward 3 pages at a time.

4) Download option? I don't see one anywhere. Would be nice to be able to view the manga off line by DLing to your desktop or something.

I personally like the idea, and support it whole heartedly!!

Just my 2 cents for a few (possible) improvements~

Edited for spelling errors~