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~ Azur Lane Hunter ~
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For some reason the main page for me is getting some kind of error message to use something called ZeoOptimizer. It may have someting to do with the Zeo Bit pop over. Since it no longer does since the popover came up. Although I kind of worry that this could cause problems to my laptop though.


-プリムラ こいびと
Well I just notice one of those thing that change the website page to something else and give u click here to skip ad.

it ask me to perform free optimizer I see that as possible malware. I cant recall what it was because it only had ok to perform it and i hit X and i skip the ad as fast as i can to get rid of anything that could happen.

So it was data optimizer or something zed optimizer or something probaly something related to the second one. it might not be what i have but it start with a z i think but i know it have optimizer on it.

So daft that need to be taken care of and this to warn other to dont press ok on it just press x and skip the ad too.

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Just notice thread was made already so merged Zeo optimizer is possibly a malware
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