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Maids are awesome, this is truth, it cannot be denied. This thread is dedicated to the world of the Meido !

Some of my favourite all time Maids:

Mariel (Hanaukyo Meido Tai)
Mahoro (Mahoromatic Automatic Maiden)
Maria (Hayate The Combat Butler)
Elenore Baker (Madlax)

Post your Maid pictures here! Discussion is also welcome in here.
But please keep the pictures non-adult, ecchi is ok, H or hentai is not ok.
Just hit reply and post away, I recommend using our gallery for uploading the pics and it even makes the forum thumbnail code for you. Please use thumbnails when posting.

Please use the new Maid Gallery!
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Hmmm my current favourite meidos are :
Cú-chan from Astarotte no Omocha and Sakuya Izayoi from Touhou

Fufufu in any case time to post some Meidos here :3 (try not to die Ando-san :p)

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