Looking for TRANSLATOR (JP or korean or chinese)

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looking for Japanese to English translators to finish the show.
But I'm not even asking for fluent people. By all means if you are fluent in Japanese and English would like to translate do contact us too.

It's very open. The translator position is open to anyone who who can translate at least like 50% of the dialogue or more (all the easy/basic Japanese that's in the episode ) or knows basic Japanese (meaning it would take a few months or weeks--- depending on how much the person puts in--- to reach a level where the person can translate 50% of the dialogue. Lastly, people who know very little/no Japanese and want to learn Japanese (It would take these people maybe couple months or 6 months ---like above, depending on how much the person puts in--- to reach a level where they can translate 50% or more. It sounds really insane and unorthodox but it really helps if 50% of the episodes translated already. AND HONESTLY it really is possible to learn Japanese with AJATT, sub2srs, SRS and all that stuff that's out there. With the pace it is as of now.... I will guide the beginners or people who don't know any or little Japanese with learning Japanese so they reach a level where can translate the 50% which will greatly help the rest of the translating process

It sounds ridiculous but honestly it really saves time. All the simple lines are done and then main translator can just focus on the harder to translate stuff or fixing the lines the 50% translator did. it's just more realistic of doing this then looking for a translator who is interested in this AND is fluent or well-versed both languages.

so in short it's open to people to who
➊ know little Japanese
âž‹ know no Japanese
➌ know some Japanese
❹ know Japanese

➎ OH AND we're also open to people who can translate from Korean to English because we have the korean fansubs(subtitle files).

❻I think there's chinese fansubs too but i don't know how/where to download them/watch them (streaming sites)... so if you read chinese, have the chinese fansubs and want to translate from those to english do contact too...

As of now it's not moving, it's a stand-still and so... we have time to wait for people to learn Japanese so they can help translate this anime (50%75% of the ep etc).... And honestly if you think about it.... it's too much work/time-consuming for one person to translate all the episodes.

We will be utilizing the korean subs for either of these options (since it's already timed) whether it's google translating the korean subs to english (to help translate) or google translate to Japanese to help translate (could help with kikitori ... audio from the ep) or an actual korean speaker translates it to english with the ep getting checked/fixed later by the Japanese translator. I think that korean-> Japanese via google translate is pretty helpful since korean and japanese are similar in grammar and have those chinese words in common- 漢語- (like 75% are like the same or similar) 

Pretty much same thing as above...with the 50% thing.
HAVE korean fansubs (subtitle file), chinese subtitle file

There's no korean or chinese subs (as far as i know) so it would be translating from Japanese audio (not J-subs....) to english audio. like i said above, as long as you can translate 50% or more or don't konw any japanese but willing to learn it in how ever many months it takes to get that point of translating 50%.... then contact.
Also have raws for the rest of the eps 31-64

ALSO For Iron leaguer and dash kappei,,, the plan is to re-do the eps that are alrdy released by midori since the first subs are crappy in translation quality/torrents are dead (and no i don't have those files...). ALSO there's dvd raw version of iron leaguer out.

please contact cheerios4mee * yahoo.com
replace * with at symbol. if you're interested in any of them

basically none of these projects are moving so we have time to wait for people to learn to japanese till they can translating 50% of the ep etc. so please think about it.

IN other words, the fan in fansubs....


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contact is actually locoporchicho * hotmail or howtwosavealif3 * yahoo

now it's dash kappei and eto rangers.
dash kappei is japanese to english only and eto rangers is korean/japanese to english.
if you need links streaming videos of episodes to make your decision etc etc feel free to contact.
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