Little Busters!


-Key Master にははっ~

"A Little Busters! four-panel comic strip manga began serialization in the Japanese bishōjo magazine Dengeki G's Magazine on January 30, 2006, and is published by MediaWorks. Despite the manga being released before the visual novel, the story is adapted from the game and is illustrated by Japanese artist Yūya Sasakiri. As of June 2007, nineteen chapters have been published, with each chapter containing eight pages, and fifteen separate comic strips." - Wikipedia

Little Busters!' story revolves around the main protagonist Riki Naoe, a young male high school student. When Riki was a child, his parents died, leaving him hopeless and depressed. What saved him was a group of three young boys and one girl his age who referred to themselves as the Little Busters — a group dedicated to fighting evil and preserving justice. The leader of the Little Busters was Kyousuke Natsume who had a younger sister named Rin. The other two members of the Little Busters were Masato Inohara and Kengo Miyazawa, who are rivals despite being friends. They took Riki out and played together with him during his time of need, effectively making him the fifth member of the Little Busters. Riki really enjoyed playing with them, and his grief over his parents gradually faded away. When the story begins, Riki and his friends are in their second year of the high school they attend, except for Kyousuke who is in his third year. They still hang out together, and enjoy their school life.

Direct download manga chapters here.

As some may know, Little Busters! is the newest visual novel by Key, and the manga has just recently started to be scanlated by TEA-Scans, and they currently have the first two chapters out, and the third one looks close to release. Since each chapter is only 8 pages, each one is kind of small, but the 4-koma are funny, and I recommend anyone to check this one out for some quick laughs, even if you're not a Key fan.

And also, here's a quick look at the first two pages of chapter 1:

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