Legit Free NIS 2010 Trail


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I run with protection (all free ware) but I wouldn't touch a symantec product if it killed me. I decided to avoid them a long time ago and I'm happy with that decision...

That said, going 'naked' isn't all that bad if you're a smart user - know where you visit, don't download crap, and be careful. I ran naked for about 2 years a while ago, never had anything go wrong and never got any virus/spyware/etc


-プリムラ こいびと
well norton isnt process hungry as before ever since after 2007 it one of those who uses the less process


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Hey, Norton may not be the greatest out there but if someone is worried about putting certain programs on their machine due to certain issues, this trial might be what they need. Like say you're using your personal laptop at work and the boss trusts Norton but not your free anti-virus?

And crap, I've tried for so long to never make a post.


Hehe. I have a file that's detected as some kind of trojan or something by symantec... I keep symantec updated daily but... it's had that trojan on quarantine for like a year or two now. Too lazy to manually delete things.

By the way, I've never had a virus infect this computer, but that's probably cause I know what I do when I'm on the computer.
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