Kyou no Go no Ni

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at first i thought it was just a small joke before the real ep so i skip abit.
and it nearly made me puke.............scared for life.
Sounds like you guys got 2-girls-1-cupped from the thread here. Glad I missed it but it kinda makes me lol. Something I'd expect from Dattebayo but not these other FS groups.

Anyhow, back to the SHOW: Is it over? I still haven't seen much that wasn't shown in the OVA. Episode 12 was pretty good.

When Ryouta kissed chika it was cute, and the 'Merry Christmas' song that was playing in the back of the montage was perfect.

I will be honest... I totally had a moment when they were together and stuff. It reminded me of a time back in 6th grade when at this one party that my friends and their parents drug me too... just how awkward things were. There is a charm to this particular series... one that almost... ALMOST... overshadows the OVA that we were raised on. There seem to be more of those touching moments that make me regret not giving this series a fair chance from the start. I am ready to admit my wrongs and carry on saying that this is pretty good stuff here.

Let this series continue onwards and may the next one suit everyone equally well. ^_^;
I like the OVA better than the TV!!!!!!!!!!!
Satou,Chika,etc. are created better in the OVA........I thought the TV series will have the same,but it dissapoint me......

however, I still like the story tough, both of the Tv and OVA,eventhough some of in TV are already shown in the OVA,,(If I'm not mistake, the OVA was released earlier than the TV, do I wrong 'bout it??????????????
Did anyone else notice when the Pompeii rip-off song started when Aihara was gonna begin with her water strider experiment? Overall, liked this OVN because it still retained what the show was about and it was really funny as always.
seems like it
i thought it was a bad file
then i was disapointed that it wasnt animated
still enjoyable though
Yeah, but you have to have watched both series to understand it. I bet it left a lot of people scratching their heads. If you didnt' see 5-2 to the end It must have been extremely hard to tell who was who since that series has more voices.
okay, i watched both show so i can tell the voice and know what they look like do i can imagine the image in my head, but ya if it was animated it would be pretty funny.....dam never used my brain so much by watching an anime b4 its hurt.
I re-watched episode 09....again its one those series where I watched most of it and didn't watch the remaining episodes.....I did it for most of the animes in Fall 2008.

Anyways, I re-watched episode 09 and watched episode 10 to 13 to finish it off. This series was sooooooooooooooo ENTERTAINING. Just awesome and so much can be done......more anitcs from class 5-2 can be done in the future as well as when the kids of 5-2 become teenagers and then adults but I guess thinking about will be difficult as to a certain extent not all the characters will still be at the same class, same school or even in the same country. I guess thats the charm of the series....they're young and you grow older things become more difficult and the antics of when they were young probably won't work as good as when they are older.

The TV series was more awesome than the original OVA series for me. Hence, I'm giving the TV series an overall 10/10.

I'll be watching the OVA 2 for the TV series that was released about 2 months ago probably by Monday.
Lol call me slow, i'm just starting this one now.
I'm up to ep4 and is it me, or is the animation of ep4 TOTALLY different from the 1st 3. I kinda liked the childish element from the 1st 3, with the rare footage of seriousness (which made them look like adults and all grown up).
Well, atleast this will make up for the disappointing fall season.
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