Kyou no Go no Ni

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The first ep is sooo awesome
Loli paradise i laughed my ass off
I'm really looking forward to see this series. The first encode is kinda shit, i hope another group will start releasing it or a v2 version will come.

edit: i insert some images

Me tooo... collarbone vs breast.... hahahaha.....

How many ep there are? So funny..... Really.....
WOHOOO!!! Those pics.... I thought this was some hentai at first glance

Anyway, as I love ecchi this seems like a really good show
Ahahahaa it's really something XD
Nothing of dramatic, but all those misunderstandings are really funny
ehhh. 6ep only..... not good!!!! I just looooooveeee this anime!!!!!

And manga.... where is it????

LOL.. this show is funny & ecchi too.. but if I'm not mistaken this is 1 of 2 OVA (, I hope they will do series too.. soon.
collarbone? hahahahha... really? is this an OVA? how many ep actually. 2, 5, or 6?
Loli paradise? Great.... another anime I have to watch

It better be at least half as good as Ichigo Mashimaro!
QUOTE (devast @ Apr 1 2006, 07:21 AM) I'm here to warn everyone. The manga seems entirely the same as the anime. So if you don't wanna spoil the upcoming fun, don't read them yet.
The problem is that i already downloaded it... and i cant help myself to not read it...
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