Koutetsujou no Kabaneri (2016) & Unato Kessen (2019)

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The OVA? the first one? I think I did.
You're not talking about a recent one are you?

As for this Kabaneri series, this last ep was rather good.... nicely wrapped up season finale, supposedly getting rid of Bibi, who seemed to be waiting for someone worthy to kill him... another typical plotline of sorts. They even woke up our MC and he seemed fine... isn't that lovely?

But the pacing, storyline development, editing, directing were all above par... nice way to end the season, especially given the crappy way they set it up with Bibi the Bad Brother in the last couple of episodes.. though of course, they don't explain how our MC (can never remember his name) suddenly not only didn't die, but seemed to heal up rather quickly... something about Bibi's white blood was mentioned, so they can always be explained in a future episode... so no real complaint.

IMO, they saved the series with this last season finale.