Kimi no Iru Machi

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I am surprised there was no thread about this manga.

Anyhow so anyone reading it?

And if you are have you read ch89.

It was like someone took a hammer and smashed the side of my head. I had a deep long gasp. ch89 seriously hit home hard. I dont know if I can take it anymore. xD Rooting for the protagonist but man things look so bad for him now lol...

I was seriously flabbergasted for a good minute.

Ranks 1 in my book for most unexpected plot twist ever. totally under the radar.
Boring. I called this happening the moment Haruto met the guy, how lame can this get? The last chapter I read was like 80? 81? Now we're up to 89 and the exact thing I called so long ago happened, how cheesy. I'll leave it along for another 10 chapters or so to see just how much of a fail this will become.
QUOTE (AnimeWiz07 @ May 12 2010, 11:08 PM) Boring. I called this happening the moment Haruto met the guy, how lame can this get? The last chapter I read was like 80? 81? Now we're up to 89 and the exact thing I called so long ago happened, how cheesy. I'll leave it along for another 10 chapters or so to see just how much of a fail this will become.
I never saw it coming. I kinda assumed/speculated that Eba was just bsing cause she got family problems or something. Didnt think she actually hooked up.

Yeah this is the turning point, it will be quite easy for them to mess up and turn this whole thing to fail but hopefully its more than just oh i got with him cause hes sick and hes gonna die and hes lonely and likes me stuff sorry haruto etc.

the whole series would be for naught.

she damn better be at gunpoint. jk
Yep I don't really wanna wait a week for the next one, because after reading that the pit of my stomach just dropped out. It's like watching an animal get hit by a car heart breaking and undeserving. I kind of hope that a random meteor will come crashing through the building and take her head clean off her shoulders. . . that would be great.
Prideless... your lucky. I'am actually glad that you don't share my current disappointment for this series. You'd be shocked to find out that we had a discussion about who Eba's boyfriend is going to be, and why she is dating him at the start of Feb this year back at winny. It's sad to see that the readers can guess what will happen in a weekly manga chapter by chapter months before they are released. Which means we had it down before the author himself even started drafts for the stuff leading to it (according to Bakuman).

I honestly am at a loss for words about it.
Well, Eba is a b*tch but she is NOT the #1 b*tch of manga history.....she does not even compete to most of the women in Sanbun's depressing works.
However, she is worse than Suzuka as a female protagonist.

well something is definitely off.

if i remember correctly when eba gave haruto the bag with the shirt, she was all sincere and i think that letter was in that bag as well. so something is off.

besides what kind of author is willing to make his audience rage at the heroine of his manga. im sure its all a misunderstanding. hes fooling us i tell you.
k i just re-read 89 and wow, dam...that pissed me off.

since this one pissed me off, someone told me to try umi no misaki and i think if u guys kinda like this one u should give umi no misaki a go.
IS anyone still reading this manga?

I kinda wanted to drop it after the whole "I'm leaving my whole life behind for one girl" thing, then the whole Hospital arc just killed it for me.

Now I won't say Suzuka was a great manga, but it was certanly entertaining so I really did try to like this manga, but sadly rather than enjoying the chapters, I just get more pissed, just like Good Ending did it for me.

Sadly I dropped this manga. It was very interesting in the beginning and the characteres from the country side were very interesting, but it just seems way stupid that someone would leave their whole life behind for a selfish broad.
ive read further into the manga .then the people above..gota say its pretty crap, pretty much alot of hurtin will happen next since haruto is set on a date with his ex..hope it ends soon so i can see the end nd be done with this.
Wow so lot of things are happening in this manga and well this thread kinda became spoiler for me but still goood to see that we have some thread for this manga.

I haven't reached till that chapter but seeing at comments i feel like i should stop reading this manga. I am at chapter 60 and i am alread pissed off how the plot is growing.

Looks like Eba is going to get bitchy furthur down the chapter. She was in love with haruto and when he confessed she said he wouldn't date him because she has decided  to go to city and it will be difficult to go back, if she starts dating, was understandable but  she didn't looked happy at all but was surprising. And then when he talked about long distance relationship, she even doubted him saying his feeling might change. This was also okay as his feeling changes recently but when he said that  i will come to city if she is worried about long distance relationship then she wasn't happy at all and said there is not need for that and that will be annoying is something was hard for me to digest and that pissed me off a lot and that kind of plot/reaction/development is giving the sign of crappy plot development /character of Iba in the manga going forward.

Well protagonist also hurt the other girl called kanzaki so little pain for him is okay but looks like this manga is going to get crappy going forward from the comments.

Starting 40 -50 chapters were so good and i thought i finally got a good romantic manga after ichigo 100% but i think its dificult to keep the good plot for a long time.
I hope it doesn't get as crappy as suzuka where the girl character i liked just got nothing in the end and both male and female leads were crap.

Whatever I will still continue reading it and see whats in there for the poor protagonist
and see how the plot worsen as it goes on.

Sad to get the idea that plot will get really bad going further down in the manga chapters.

But somehow I am so pissed after looking at development in chapter 58-59 and reading other comments about Eba going to get bitchy going forward. May be I am so pissed because i was expecting a lot from this manga and was reading slowly so that i can enjoy reading it for more time but now i will just read all the chapters in one go so that I am not pissed of for more number of days.
I read past the chapter 88-89 about which everyone here was pissed off or discontinued manga. Well i wasn't that surprised or felt bad for all the things happened. I actually enjoyed reading chapters till 100. I was pissed off earlier because i thought now the male protagonist doesn't have anything other than pain and sadness, going ahead. But since kanzaki confessed to him if looked like its okay even if Eba dumps him for real. But it looked like it was a short term relationship of Eba with her new boyfriend. But i think Iba's new boyfriend  will not die after operation to make things complicated. I hope Haruto doesn't just run after Eba even if she break up with him for sure like in Suzuka, ignoring better option he has around him.
Well I was wrong about him not dying because I thought there will be nothing in left challenging in the story but he died. And since Eba and Haruto seemed to enjoy each other company I was kinda sure that they will start dating but Eba saying that they should stop seeing each other was kinda of a surprise and well there was not concrete reason for that but it was still digestible. Story ahead is not that interesting but he keeps adding new characters to make this manga fun to read.

Man ..... he feel in love again with some other girl. His harem just keeps on increasing day by day. ... haha ..... Well the new girl introduced who started black mailing him was quite fun to read but i was expecting her to cause a bit more trouble in Haruto life. Well when things finallly looked like getting settled, Rin was brought back to add trouble in his life and he also brought back Yuzuki in ime light through some encounters. I am looking forward to what kind of trouble/confusion Rin will bring in this life.
Its's been quiet a while since i wrote anything about this manga. Have been reading this kinda slowly. This surely got me into its pace. Story is kinda back to the beginning. Anyway I am back to liking Iba again although her action earlier were kinda absurd and made me hate her character.Nothing much interesting is happening and is going on with a slow pace but we again have a new girl next door in his life. Lets see how things turn around with that girl. But she is definitely the most perverted one
. Seeing them back again looks pretty normal and good after few chapters and similar things like separation is expected to happen again. I am liking how their relationship is getting developed now and somehow writer has forgot completely about their friend i was expecting some hatred scenes from them since they are in the same college; atleast some eye contact and then ignoring the presence by turning away the head kinda stuff. But now its completely focused on their relationship. I like how young Iba sister keep on trying to win over few points with haruto every now and then. And the girl next door has nothing other than sex going on her mind. Looks like Eba getting shifted by her father and haruto depression will lead to some fire between haruto and the girl next door or the young Eba. Lets see how it goes on.
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