Kerry's Petition for Healthcare


^-^ im so happy i live in canada i mean no offence but in usa u choose between bush and kerry... either way its self destruction to the country.


Seriously man, if you think that Kerry "sucks" its only because you are easily taken in by Bush propaganda, or the anyonebutBush mindset.

Really take a look at Kerry's record and his actions and tell me why you believe he is a bad candidate.

Look man I respect Canada and all, but when you say something like what you just said makes me wonder if anyone outside the U.S. really understands the politics of this country. Granted Bush is a horrible leader, but it seems people outside this country take that as it is given and don't consider why--perhaps this is why these same people don't put any critical thought into Kerry's candidacy.

The way things are now, perhaps it is better because the democrats should be able to shut out Bush's agenda with the moderate Republicans--this is what Kerry hopes to accomplish. It is interesting that someone who discredits Bush, would choose to discredit Kerry based on ??, when this only helps Bush. Like or not Kerry was/is the opposition--and while Nader and others are fine in their own way Kerry actually has the strengtht to stand up to Bush's policies while the others don't. It's good that he is trying.

U.S. will not self destruct, at least not any time soon. If it does, it will not be alone... let me tell you that... just the economy alone is linked to so many nations which are all linked to others. Canada trades with the U.S., a lot, so while a slightly bad economy in the U.S. helps Canada to an extent, if the economy sours completely Canada will not emerge unscathed.

Once again Kerry is good guy, if you think not prove me otherwise--the burden of proof lies in your hands.


Come on dude! whats with that of "makes me wonder if anyone outside the U.S. really understands the politics of this country"...I mean, who but the US paople should care about that?

I don't care who gets elected...BUT I am concern who does cause that affectas all the nations they are in trade with. I agree that Bush is a deepshit who is a brainless bot who was a terrible elected...but Kerry aint the solution either

What I say is...even if we "like" Kerry...what could have we, non US citizend have done about it?
NOthing my man...nothing


Ok, I don't want to get into a fight with everyone over this

But let me just clarify and answer Goro's points.

I am assuming you speak a different language so I understand if you misunderstood what I meant, or perhaps I just wasn't clear.

"Come on dude! whats with that of "makes me wonder if anyone outside the U.S. really understands the politics of this country"...I mean, who but the US paople should care about that?"

--What I meant was... that people comment about U.S. politics all the time and who is good and who is bad, etc. and eva_1 was just lumping Kerry and Bush into the same pot. If you don't care about American politics because you are not American, than fine, but don't go making unsubstantiated claims on things you don't know, or know so little about it makes your opinion nearly worthless.

I also agree that non-U.S. people can't really do anything about the election in the U.S., or at least not a lot, but this post was originally intended for U.S. citizens to sign a petition-- when eva_1 commented I had to respond, what he should have done is not posted since his comment was a) not constructive and
since the post was not really directed at him, but he did so I answered (and its fine I really don't care that much that he posted, what really got to me was what he said--I really had to answer).

The funny thing is, you kind of suggest it as well Goro. When you say, Kerry aint the solution, you are in a way right. But Kerry had an openess that would have certainly taken us in a new direction, not an answer, but a start. Read his policies and his record they are different than Bush's, in fact quite a lot different.

It's almost equivilant to saying that sending a box of food to a starving person isn't a solution. It isn't, but does that mean you shouldn't send the box, isn't it a start or at least a temporary reprieve? Isn't it a lot different than not sending the box?

Man, I'm beginning to regret posting this in the first place. Oh well.
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