keep getting error message


i keep getting error message after i post a message why is it happen i get frequently that said fansub tv did boo boo or something like it


-the bee's knees
Staff member
Fansub TV Team
Ah the dreaded boo boo message! Boo boo's can become more frequent when the servers are undergoing maintenance work so there will be short periods where it can be problematic. Then again these boo boo messages can also randomly occur. A lot of it is down to luck, you will just have to bear with these errors. One word of advice though, if you receive a boo boo message after hitting the add reply button do NOT reload the page! You will only make a double post. Just press the back button on your browser and go back to the forum. You will see you have already made the post (despite the boo boo message). The same applies to pm's. You wouldn't want to spam people with unnecessary pm's!
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