Kanojo ga Flag o Oraretara

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Title: Kanojo ga Flag o Oraretara

Genre: harem, comedy, mystery

Souta Hatate, a new transfer student, has precognitive abilities that allow him to view the futures of those involved with him in the form of flags. After meeting a girl who doesn't raise a flag he starts interacting with other girls to discover why he has this power.

A bit late as the series is already at episode 11. This series is definitely a harem. Souta is gathering every episode as it seems. Everyone of them is a certain type of girl: an older sister type, a clumsy girl, a robot girl, a little sister, a fighter type and so on. That is pretty typical for a series. However it also is used in the plot. He needs to gather a certain group of people with different skills. A bit like a chess game in which all pieces need to be supporting the king. It feels like Souta being the king and assembling to fight for his life and all around him. Nanami's role as she is the only one without a flag is also pretty predictable: the Queen of the game. As she doesn't trigger a flag Souta can't influence her. She won't get the apparant memory loss caused by Souta.
Till now it is a nice series with some nice feature in the flags and the meaning of the people. However it uses this feature too little. For me it is barely a 6 out of 10 till now..


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If her Flag breaks... Review time.
I only resonantly started watching this (2days ago) and with the final having aired today...The hell did I just watch!?.
I get the whole idea behind it, not bad to be honest , but at some point... I started to lose track. The begin is interesting and the ending is, what the hell?
But, I can clearly see that it is a good ending. Aside from that...The hell did I just watch? *can't keep myself from questioning it*.

My rating for If her Flag breaks: 5,6/10
Animation : 6/10
Story : 4/10 (Again, The hell did I just watch!?).
Characters : 7/10 (Pretty much covered any type of character).

In the end...I am So not sure about this anime and for what type of viewers it should be meant for!?
To all : Be careful...


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Well I did watch this series all the way through, but I have to say it felt more like a time killing anime for me. I mean the whole idea of knowing what flag a girl has on her head seemed like an interesting concept, but halfway through I kind of was lost with the massive plot twists here and there.

In the end of it all the series kind of fell flat for me. Since it felt like he was going to be with the girls all over again but has the ability to anticipate what will happen to them.... somewhat.


So the end of this series and it really broke down in the end. As mentioned it failed to have a clear storyline (better said it failed to explain and build the storyline). The thing that should be the storyline also suffers from loose threads or a good coherent story.
The sudden revelation of him being a prince or connection to the history part really hurt the story.
For the rest for me it had some nice features in the beginning with the flags.
In all this series suffered a serious breakdown and fell to a meager 4.5 out of 10.


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Well, this as started out as a harmless, carefree harem show somehow turned into The Matrix. I hate when they have to force some kind of story onto these seemingly lighthearted shows. It ruins everything. I'd like to give it a even lower score based on such actions, but as the first half of the show was quite carefree and lighthearted I still have to keep the 5/10 I gave it. But I can say that I wouldn't have watched it if I knew it would've turned out as it did.
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