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QUOTE (softbanker @ Oct 18 2008, 09:36 PM) Someone surely is becoming more impatient
. Anyway have you guys seen "Goshuushou-sama_Ninomiya-kun" while I watching this, I just saw Maid guy
. You can see him at epi3. It was really funny seing him in a different anime together with a bunch of maid guys wehehehe

yeah i noticed that too lol.

QUOTE Ok I actaully managed to see 12. Although it seems this site tends to have problems with the torrent to place for direct downloads here at times. In any case yes it ended where they could go into a second season if they feel up to it though. Besides there is a storyline they can still work with here.

I hope there is a season 2, since no1 transilated the manga, the anime is all there is.

This anime took along time to release, started in march, and halfway thre episodes started onlt getting released monthly :S

kinda glad i can close the book on this anime, but still hope for a season 2, to really "finish" this anime.


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Well I guess they had to pull off the massive fanservie episode. I guess it was the main reason why this turned out to be an OVA of course.

Massive nosebleed moments of course, and I think this was to make up for them not having a swim suit episode in the main series if I remeber correctly.
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