Kagami no Kuni no Harisugawa

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Mangaka: KANO Yasuhiro
Genre: Comedy, Ecchi, Fantasy, Romance, School Life, Shounen
Year: 2011

Before reading the summary i suggest reading the manga first. (That's what i did and not having an idea about the story definitely made it better).
"Boys are creatures whose sight will follow the girl they like wherever she is. And if there it comes the chance that the boy realizes that the girl is in danger, if he is able to save her they will feel the ultimate bliss in life" is something that Harisugawa Tetsu has pointed out, and true enough he has always been following with his eyes the girl named Satomi Mao.

Thanks to certain details in their childhood, Satomi has always been friendly with Harisugawa and she has a friendly budding relationship, completely unaware of Tetsu's feelings for her. Tetsu for his part preferred to play the friend part and keeps his feelings hidden for the sake of not endangering the closeness that they already have, ever since he was young Tetsu had believed that if he can build little by little a good relationship with Mao, he will get to the point where he can confidently confess to Mao and not get rejected, Tetsu has always been waiting for his one true chance without getting too close to Mao by accident.

At first it seems that this "stalemate" will never be broken; however, one day Mao sees a strange mirror in an thrift store and for some reason she feels that she must have that mirror. Mao buys the mirror without thinking twice about it.... But she is completely unaware that the mirror will change forever Tetsu's life as well as her own.
-Taken from Mangaupdates

Well first off you can check Mangaupdates to find the group scanlating the series.

My Thoughts
Just read the first chapter and i enjoyed it. My expectations of the series was high and the first chapter did enough to make me want to keep reading more.

I really like the end of the chapter and the concept of the use of mirrors.

I suggest everyone to read the first chapter whether or not they like the genre because it does seem like an original story.

EDIT - Just read chapter 2.. I really liked his family. Especially his dad. I can definitely see this being as good as Pretty Face and MX0. AND I HOPE IT DOESN'T GET CANCELLED EARLY!!!!


Hmm looks interesting. I haven't read Mx0 but I've been meaning to for awhile now. I'll check this out first then and then Mx0


i think this series is a nice little series. mao is just so cute and saka is pretty cool herself


Lazy Artist
It ended. T_T

I'm not sure if it got cancelled early or not, tho'. They built up to this in such a way it almost felt unavoidable. Fortunately, it looks like there's going to be after story extras!


well im kinda sad its ending i wished they showed more of the mao other friends like the blonde with the poney tail. but theirs nothing we can do since the story basicly got ritten into a corner where the auther couldnt get out of