Yeah, she put a face on the subject that has been ignored, except in a few PR events that are exploited in the West to support our continuing empire building... in Afganistan/Pakistan it's been a training ground for our Jihadis and a recruitment zone that has now spread in recent years throughout the ME... in typical GLADIO B op style... Turkey is just the most active in this sense and goes back a few decades as this part of the script/game was being setup... Gul and his Wahhabi style of 'education', that has to be 'carefully taught' as Oscar Hammerstein put in his musical 'South Pacific' regarding prejudice... same thing, 'divide and conquer'... Hollywood has been doing this for quite some time.... I can't think of any anime versions of this, but Hollywood is full of this BS from decades back like Arnold Schwarzenegger's 1994 film 'True Lies'.... making the bad guy a Moslem/Islamic terrorist... instead of the usual, for the time, Soviet/Russian communist.... just a slight change in the name/attire, but the same 'bad guy' routine for our 'American' superheroes... in or out of uniform... all a basic propaganda production that has continued to tv with recent tv shows like 24 Hours or Homeland etc... to 'condition' the masses to accept our evil acts as long as our 'leaders' lie to us and tell us we are doing it to 'save the world'.... these terrorists 'hate us because of our freedoms' blah, blah... so what do we do? Our puppet leaders, working for the oligarchs, domestic and global, as they are all one in the Secret Goverment behind the scenes like that Wizard of Oz... our 'leaders' are busy getting rid of our freedoms... in the name of 'protecting us'... the usual psychopathic game of getting your foot in the door and taking over, step by step... reenslavement.

From an esoteric standpoint, it's basic science... like EU theory... negative vs positive energy flows... the 'good' or 'bad' face of God... names of God... left or right side of the Tree of Life etc. Malala was a local example of our lies of protecting the girls, females in the country, or at minimum, the capital.... which we were/are only giving lip service to... it's all about control, and for those males, especially the jihadi types attracted to the 'dark side', females are the easiest target after animals, 'civilized' men, etc.... predators always go after the easiest prey first.... the young and old, pregnant or injured, but not sick. Our psychopathic predators aren't any different, and they can spot an easy target fast and how to manipulate it immediately comes to their mind. The stupid ones end up in jail or as jihadis, the smart ones end up in positions of power around the world in every facet from politics to religion, media, law, education, finance etc... and like moths to a light, they are attracted to the seats of power.... the biggest 'light'... and the rules of engagement have been used for many eons as Machiavelli wrote down in 'The Prince'... or as listed in the Protocols of Zion... which isn't so much about the 'Jews', but psychopaths... though the Tribe of Judah was heavily psychopathic amongst the other tribes... they were the 'black sheep' of the family with another tribe that I can't remember as their 'helpers' or sociopathic partners in crime, they became the outcasts essentially, and thus when they talk about how to treat 'neighbors', you can see their position amongst the others... the 'black seed'.... anyway, those Protocols are rather basic in empire building as Douglas Reed wrote about in his book 'The Controversy of Zion'. Another author little heard of today though popular in his time until he started outing the truth about 'the jews' or any of their supporters in America, Britian, Germany etc. Today we see the connection from the Nazis to the Zionists, to the GLADIO operators after WW2 in Europe and GLADIO B ops in recent decades in Turkey and throughout the MEast.... but Gladio isn't new... setting up such 'terrorist' or 'rebel' groups in order to control the local govt by outsiders, i.e. the empire builders in the West, isn't new... Britain has been doing this forever as they expanded their empire..... in Ireland to Egypt.... it was their Miltary Intel that setup the Muslim Brotherhood, and which was later supported by our western friendly sheiks in the area. Read about that infamous 'potato famine' in Ireland... that virus was only attacking potatoes, not the rest of the crops, but the Irish were essentially enslaved by the Brits and weren't allowed to eat the rest of the crops meant for export back to Britain and beyond by their overlords.
The whole Libyan game is well talked about here:

This 'game' has been going on since 'modern man' started up a little over 300,000 years ago... Earth as 'Purgatory' after its 'Fall from Eden' status... this is the overall context of 'positive' vs 'negative' energy flows... and with time running out before Mother Nature swings by to clean the slate, the pressure for the 'dark side' that our political puppets front for, are feeling the pressure to take control of any independent country like Russia, Iran, Venezuela etc... and Libya or Iraq a few years back.... and the pattern is repeated endlessly as needed to gain control or create total chaos so no one is in control there.... negative energy flow. A simple look at our society demonstrates this well.... Wall Street corrupt bankers not only get off without worry of going to prison, but our govt waits in line to ask the how much more money they need to keep our global Ponzi game going... it's totally ridiculous, but we are in the 'end-times'... as the final curtain starts to swing in: dark star/quiet sun/EM field changes in all the planets/more and bigger EQs/ all the worlds' volcanoes waking up, especially on the sea floor which isn't reported on much except for a silent reason for all those ice shelves melting... but they never mention how the inland areas are building up snow/ice... as the impending ice age quickly approaches... which happens as fast as that film 'Day After Tomorrow' demonstrates.. a few months... but the big part is the main comet cluster that swings through after the dark star swings past... as Dark Ages always follow mostly due to the plagues that get kicked up with them.. add all of the expected tsunamis along all the coastal areas, and the cleanup should be rather complete, as usual.

That's the larger context... just like EU theory... it's all about the energy flow in all things... in all thoughts... always seeking balance... eventually in cosmic time, which is a lot longer than most of our civilizations. That main comet cluster comes every 3600 years, and has gone by different names like Niburi etc... last time was the end of the Bronze Age, and we are at the end of the Iron Age approaching a total reset, like getting rid of the planet's tilt.. you can see the symbolic way nature speaks to us. Thus everything we see today is to prepare for that total control that the negative polarity seeks... every country, every woman, man or child... thus 'education' for the masses in most countries in order to control their minds at an early age... control of the message, and control of the medium, especially since the Reagan and Clinton changed the media ownership rules... and the Wall Street rules etc... letting all the psychos run wild, like with ever more pollution in our vaccines, food, water etc.... ever more wars and NGOs disguised as peace missions etc

Total BS.... Malala is doing her part, but you really can't expect her to understand the bigger aspects of the game... the larger context... but her story can point out the rather obvious farce of our and her govt's propaganda... we are the 'evil-doers', the 'terrorists' we claim to be fighting... it's all a farce.... those 'jihardis' aren't Moslem, they aren't Islamic at all... they are the opposite, they are anti-Moslem/Islam... the negative polarity, 'ponerized' by psychopaths that have infiltrated and taken over the religions et al... same as the Western Crusades was pushed by the corrupt Church of Rome to rid the continent of Europe of the too many restive males putting pressure on the church and state leadership at the time... thus sending them to the ME to fight 'terrorists'... or whatever they were called at the time(infidels?)... to save the 'Holy Land', which is anything but holy, unless endless war is a definition of 'holy'... or unless you are a supporter of the 'dark side' as the Star Wars film series put it... same empire building routine... the Church and kings/elite/oligarchs in Europe at the time of the Crusades also setup the Inquisition to take over the property controlled by women after their men died off before and during the wars.. declare them witches and seize their goods and divide and conquer... same as usual.

Islam gets a bad rap, same as usual... empire builders/predators, always need prey to feed off of..... the 'East' didn't need excuses to run this game, but in the 'West', with its fake oligarchic led 'democracy', an excuse is needed to fool the masses, to get them to do what they wouldn't do otherwise... ie, attack, kill, steal, rape and pillage the goods/property/minerals etc of their 'neighbors'... thus this treatment of their 'neighbors' follows the traditions of the Zionists... the tribe of Judah, who operated like Mossad, with their logo of 'By way of deception, thou shalt do war'... typical intel terrorists op style of belief, with false flag ops and mind control 'dupes' all the time... the 'dark side' will do anything to get what they want, and they want it all... like a moth to a flame, they simply can't help themselves... though the smart ones learn to hide, to wear a 'mask of sanity'... to play the game etc... to bide their time... to manipulate their prey into their traps etc.

CIA, MI5/6, all of NATO, etc... it isn't just Zion, Turkey, the House of Saud, etc... but the 'dark side' that seeks total domination, essentially most of the oligarchy in any country... the matter is context... there is a global oligarchy behind the scene that pulls the strings of their corrupt evil bankers, intel operators, media propaganda readers, religious figures like Gul, etc.... the psychos are puppets to the SG, pawns etc... easy ones, because they are genetically wired to operate as predators... of humans... so it's easy to encourage them to prey upon the masses, as it is innate to them to do so.

Moslems are just the latest variation of needing a target to attack... an enemy to blame everything on.... it used to be the Irish after the Blacks and Indians here in the USofA... then Mexicans, commies, etc... this is just the latest installment in the ongoing battle of the 'light' vs the 'dark'.. positive vs negative... but being in Purgatory, by Choice, the 'dark side' rules here, so getting out of this 'prison' isn't easy.... all based in knowledge.... which is power... which lets us realize the game being played and who is or is not our real friend or enemy, something very few actually realize... they just go along with the flow... peace or war....

See the Choice (+/-), make the Choice, empower the Choice, it's that simple... everyone learns in their own time, the patterns repeat endlessly for us to learn our lessons, make our choices and move on to the next level of this cosmic game of Creator/Creation....

All the world's a dream, but we are the dream, we are the dreamer.... and so it goes.
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