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I tested the Broadband speed in the site it shows the results(uploading speed,Downloading speed)In KBPS .But i want to check out it in MBPS where can i test that help me please??


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Either refer to this thread which is a discussion about measuring/comparing internet speeds; or alternatively take your result that was given in KB/s and divide it by 1000.
If your speed was 2000 KB/s, then that's equivalent to 2 MB/s; if your speed was 500 KB/s then that's equivalent to .5 MB/s, etc...

The difference between Bytes and Bits should also be noted. Most sites that display your internet speed do so in Bits (written as Kb - Kilobits or MB - Megabits) rather than in Bytes (written as KB - Kilobytes or MB - Megabytes). Meanwhile, whenever you download something from the internet, the speed at which you are downloading is usually written in Bytes. The difference is a factor of 8, so if you are given Kb instead of KB, divide the amount of Kb by 8:
8000 Kb/s = 1000 KB/s = 1 MB/s
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