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HR2391, Intellectual Property Protection Act
Prior to this, distribution of unlicensed fansub animes could be thought as fairly safe since Japanese copyright holders have traditionally turned a blind eye to the fansubbing scene. However, with the possible passing of HR2391, this could dramatically change. If HR2391 is passed, the Attorney General will be endowed with the authority to bring copyright infringers to civil court by themselves, effectively removing the blanket of cover that fansub distributers had.

More info: Wired News: Senate May Ram Copyright Bill
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Let's hope this distribution law will not be passed on so soon.

If not there'll be no longer be anymore legal fansubs around.... that will be a #@!%$& sad thing for me. Anime is my primary source of entertainment.

I hope they'll reconsider this... because fansubs actually does a subconscious advertisement for the animes in Japan. Which is an advantage to their anime industry..... well... as for now..... *fingers crossed*
even if this new law is passed on, there will always be another alternative..but lets hope this will not be real.. >.>
at this moment, there are so already so many rogue groups subbing licensed anime.
if this law does get passed, our supply of anime shouldn't be affected all too much
Yeah!,and Armageddon for us,Beggar's of anime.If i can i want to Downloding all anime ever exist in this world and share it to all people here,or......Kill that Bastard,before he Sign the treaty.
(just kidding)
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