Image Boards?


-Key Master にははっ~
Don't we all know and love the Ecchi Pics Thread? Or at least the people that love ecchi? If you are one of these people, then you just may want to read what I have to say.

If we created another seperate forum called the Image Boards, we could create threads in there, not unlike the Ecchi Pics Thread, where we're able to post image boards. But unlike at 4chan where hentai runs rampant, hentai isn't allowed at FTV, so it'll be all good clean (possibly ecchi) fun.

And then on top of all that, so as to not have to worry about mindless spam, we could make that entire forum unable to raise your post count in. So people could post all the pics they want or comment all they want but the post counts of members won't shoot up dramatically.

What do you say?


-萌え大将軍 (moé daishogun)
I supposed it would be good since people that give one word comment will not immediately get shoot down as spammers. But I think people have depleted most of their collections on the echii thread would it actually be good to start this new thread now? But I supposed we don't need flood the topic with pics over a short period of time...may be we can get it to slowly build up, even if it's only a couple of pics per day I guess...


-kenja sama
There is something in those lines coming eventually. It will allow to classify pictures by type, related series and any other characteristics,

The problem with small comments like "I like that one" is that they don't dilute the content of the thread (in this case, pictures). But the good side of those comments is that it lets the author and poster of the picture know he did a good job.

Your idea about a zero post count would help to solve this, but comments should also not be visible between pictures. It would also be nice if posts with pictures counted for the post counts. Those people did take a lot of time to upload and post those pictures.

Thank you for the suggestion and keep them coming. They will help us refine exactly what the solution will be like.


I know on the aarinfantasy forum, they have threads with yaoi uploads which they don't want comments between (I got a warning for even posting about the links being expired
) Instead, if you like the post, you click a button that says "thanks". Then at the bottom of the post there's a small list of users names who clicked that button.

Maybe something like that could be used?


-プリムラ こいびと
Well for the comment stuff how about just add a comment box on the bottom of the ecchi thread similar to those comment box on Xanga, AsianAvenue, and MySpace. So comments are in the Comments Box the post count should not go up since they did not post on the forum itself since they didn't actually post on the thread except for those who post pics.
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