Ichigo 100%


i read it the 3rd time... i really understand it!!!

soo coo~~~L


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im think.. this manga was so moved my feelings.. im could say this manga just make my heart get hurt and felt what are the character duly feel are..
fuu~ what a wonderful manga.. hehehe

well.. as me too.. im already have read this manga over 3 times.. its have no kind of boring that i felt.. for the first time my completely reading.. i think that the ending just so sad for me.. im was even want manaka have the 3 all of them.. Aya Toujou, Tsukasa Nishino, and Satsuki Kitaoji.. im very like the 3 of them.. huhu..

but.. after im reading the 3 times.. im realized that what the author ( Kawashita Mizuki) said just true.. by the time have past.. and their have own way of living.. then im seriously just understand why Manaka have to be with Tsukasa.. im just starting read this manga at age 15 years old.. now im 20.. after 5 years.. i still cannot forget this manga.. then upload it at manga trader..

Manaka with Tsukasa.. mm..
well.. its not bad.. now im accept it as the full happiness ending.. but im also realize that Aya and Satsuki have not already given up at manaka.. well.. if it just in a real life.. then im thinks they three will just can have manaka.. hahaha..
(if it could happens)

then.. now 2011.. 2005.. wow.. what a huge space it is.. 6 years i thought.. huhu..
then.. if some one like to read this manga.. pleass.. dont try it on you girlfriend or you will get rejected.. haha..
im just too happy to share this feeling with other people.. sorryy if my comment was pretty longger..

Lastly, thanks for this manga,, it make me to have more gently and suppose make a true love that person you love.. Thank..


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QUOTE (sakuko @ Feb 14 2011, 06:38 PM) i like so much this anime
Just letting you know that this isnt for the Ichigo 100% anime, its for the manga counterpart.

But you could be refering to the manga since i thought its anime was a terrible adaption if im honest.


The more I think about it, the more I like the ending.

Really when you compare all three of the main girls, in my point of view, Tsukasa is the best. She is just what you would expect a girl to be, you know? I mean the whole having things in common like hobbies, or having the same dreams is nice and dandy, but she was just portrayed as the type of girl you would expect a girl to be, get me?

How could I forgotten about Yui!!! I really did like her a lot as well, then there is that other (Chie?) who I always hated, and our darling Kozue that was just another Aya.

Also do I even need to use spoilers?


WEll since I can't edit twice, I'll double post.

thanks to this topic I decided to read the series again. I think I did all 167 chapters in a week this time.

I can't believe I read this series so many times, yet everytime I read it. I fall in love all over again with it. It's so good and exciting no matter how many times I read it.

I really do envy Manaka though. The guy was portrayed of having a dream his whole life of making movies, not to mention even though he was very indecisive he was a very good person who always though of not hurting others.

I mean yeah, I am pretty sure at points we went like "Fuck it, I would have fucked Tsukasa/Aya/Kitaooji" But he didn't, not because he didn't want to, but because he didn't want to hurt the others.

I know it's a fictional character and all, but it's something I really do respect.

I have read a lot and I mean a lot of mangas, and none can even begin to compare to the masterpiece Ichigo 100% is.
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