How to setup TeamSpeak


I've gotten some PMs lately asking me how to install TeamSpeak for use at Fansub and/or how to stream music or do karaoke. Therefor i'm creating this thread with a step-by-step picture explanation.

To mods: I know there's already a TS topic in this sub-forum, but that's a 'troubleshooting' topic where fe. errors are posted. This is a tutorial...(if it needs to be moved elsewhere, i'll leave it up to you ^^)
Also, double post is on purpose since i reached the maximum number of images in one post ^^

Note : All instructions and screenshots are based on the usage of lolifox webbrowser. Even though you may be using a different browser, the instructions will still be mostly the same.
TeamSpeak on linux? After writing this for windows, I'll add instructions for linux.
Click on 'SPOILER' to display the images.
Directions on sites or TeamSpeak are marked by:

Note : These instructions are written as general as can be. No direct links to any downloads are used because of possible changes on the TeamSpeak website whereas links may become outdated. To write it like this is most durable.
Also, this topic is written for everyone, from least experience to advanced... Oo

Note : I know that there's also a topic explaining how to setup TeamSpeak. I'll explain it in here as well since I will go into full detail.

Download TeamSpeak

Go to the website and click on Download in the main links.

Next click on either Site 1 or Site 2 of the TeamSpeak 2 Client to go to the License Agreement page.

Now scroll all the way down (or read it if you really want to...) and click on 'I agree'.

Either save the file to your harddrive by clicking 'save' or 'save as' or just use the easiest and click on 'open' (if you have the option)
When you clicked 'save' or 'save as' go to the directory you dowloaded it (Firefox/Lolifox default is 'Desktop') and open it.

Install TeamSpeak

This is pretty straight forward.
When you open the installer, a small dialog asking if you want to install TeamSpeak will appear. Click 'Yes'.
Now click 'Next' and yet again you'll see a license agreement page. Just select 'I accept the agreement' and click 'Next'.
Now click 'Next' and then 'Next' again.
If you want a shortcut to TeamSpeak on your desktop, just check the 'Create a desktop icon' checkbox.
Now press 'Next' to get a review of the entered data.
Finally click 'Install' to start installing TeamSpeak.

At the end of the install, a small dialog will pop up again saying it will install the required codecs. Just click 'Next', 'Next' and 'Finish'.

You'll end up with an information screen displaying the changelog of TeamSpeak.
Click 'Next', check the 'Launch Teamspeak' checkbox and press 'Finish'.

Connect TeamSpeak

Welcome to TeamSpeak. Let's get you connected to Fansub.
Click on Connection -> connect.
TeamSpeak won't appear in your taskbar. Instead there's an icon in your system tray.
Clicking once will do :


You'll see a new window with 2 tabs. You'll only need the 'local addressbook' tab.
Right click on 'servers' -> 'Add Server'
A new entry will be created. You can call it 'Fansub'.

With 'Fansub' selected you will see some blank fields to the right.
Let's fill them so you can connect to Fansub.

Server Address : (If you get an error when connecting, try filling out the IP instead of the name. So replace '' with ''

Nickname : Can be whatever you want. Most people just use their Fansub Forum name.

Allow server to assign a nickname : Keep it unchecked.

Anonymous / Registered : In order to be able to connect to Fansub, you need a Forum account. Anonymous access is not allowed. Therefor, Registered must be checked.

Login Name : This is your Fansub Forum name. The exact same.

Password : This is your Fansub Forum password. The exact same.

That's it. if you filled out everything, click on 'connect' and be connected to the TeamSpeak server.

Setup TeamSpeak

Welcome to TeamSpeak

Let's explain some basics first. You're at TeamSpeak now what...How do you talk, chat, stream, karaoke, switch channels, mute, unmute, etc...

The Basics (excluding 'talk, stream, karaoke')

On the server, you'll notice different 'channels'.
Currently, I'm in the 'Lobby'.
Basicly, all basic features are available by right-clicking on a channel.
It's all pretty straight forward.

You'll get other features by right-clicking on a username.

Using your microphone

Click on 'Settings' -> 'Sound Input/Output Settings'
Most people use 'Voice Activation' since it's easiest to use.
So select the 'Voice Activation' to enable it.
At the bottom you have the 'Activate local test mode' to test your activation levels.
Move around with the slider until the little 'lamp' lights up at the activation level you are comfortable with.
When done, click 'Close'.

Streaming and Karaoke

Okay, up to the last part of the turorial. How to stream and do karaoke.
You'll have to 'multi-task' a little for this

Go to your system tray again and find the icon for your volume controls :

Double click it to open your volume controls.
Note that I had to translate some text from dutch to english. Can't read it? then you don't need it

Now click on 'Options' -> 'Properties'.

In your Properties, click 'Recording' and make sure that both 'Stereo' and 'Microphone' are selected. Then click on 'OK'.

Step 1 Volume Controls
Okay, in order to just stream your music, just select 'Stereo' instead of 'Microphone.
You can use the same 'Stereo' settings as I did.
Don't close the controls. You'll need it later on.


Step 2 TeamSpeak
Go back to TeamSpeak -> 'Settings' -> 'Sound Input/Output Settings'
When streaming, some prefer using 'Push to talk'. However, out of experience i still believe 'Voice Activation' is easier.
In order to not get any breakups, move your activation slider all the way to the left.
Just leave the window open until you're done streaming

Step 3 Playback
Now the last part of the streaming.
Playing your music. You can use any kind of audio player you'd like. I'm using VLC for example. Just open up your music, adjust the volume down a bit (like 10%) and everyone on TeamSpeak can hear your music.

When you're done streaming, stop the music, go to teamspeak and change the activation slider to its normal level, go to your volume controls and select 'Microphone' again instead of 'Stereo'.
That's it. so far for the streaming. Just keep playback volume at like 10% or else the pitch will be too high for others.

Streaming : Part 4
For karaoke it's the EXACT same steps as you do for streaming.
All you have to do is unmute your microphone at Playback in Volume Controls.
Go to your volume controls -> Options -> Properties. Instead of 'Recording', select 'Playback' and make sure that 'Microphone' is checked.
Click ok and unmute 'Microphone'. Now just stream your music and when you sing, people can hear you as well.

Yay...I'm done... 4 hours of work and it's done! ^^/
I hope it will be of use to some of you. Any problems in general, go to this thread : TeamSpeak Troubleshoot & Support
Anything wrong in this document, just PM me and I'll fix it

Ok this thread has been re-opened and before any posts will be made i'd like the give you the following notice:
Don't post any discussions in here or general errors or problems. They belong in the topic i noted above. Thank you for your understanding.
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