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Okay, I've seen several new members ask this question, and I've posted this tutorial several times - both in threads and in PM. Rather than having to keep posting it, it'd be much easier just to put the tutorial here so that you can find it with a quick search if you have trouble.

First of all, If you do NOT have a certain amount of posts yet, you may not be allowed to post Images and/or URLs (see this thread: Can't post links or images)

If you are a user of photobucket, please go here to find out how to post thumbnails after uploading to photobucket. If not, continue reading.

Now, here's my tut, I used imagevenue as the site to upload images to, though Imageshack works fine too unless you are planning to post images in the Ecchi Pics thread where your images have mature content. The instructions are basically the same, and so will be the link that you should copy.

Basically, upload your image at a sight such as imagevenue (do not use image-shack, as they will remove your pictures as mature content if they include nudity); and then use the code given here; there should be one listed to display on a forum in thumbnail format. I'll edit this post in a little bit with screenshots.

Screenshots: (Imagevenue)

Screenshots: (Imageshack)

As said in the second screenshot, use the block of code under where it says "Hotlink a clickable thumbnail on a Forum or Message Board Use the second link if this one fails."

Images uploaded:
I give credit where credit is due if at all possible. All the images uploaded to imagevenue were created by Jiuge on DeviantArt. Click her name to check her out.
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