How-To: Make an AGE Corp (GASH) Account - For Lucent Heart, Koihime Musou JP etc

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This is a guide on how to make an AGE Corp account (Previously called a Gamania GASH account) for playing games on the AGE-Corp (previously Gamania) Japan such as Lucent Heart and Web Koihime Musou.
Gamania merged with another company and they changed their name to AGE-Corp, everything is the same as before except for the website address and name.

Originally adapted from the now closed Beanfun forums post by Faedt (

This guide has been changed a bit from the original to make it fit in with our other guides in the forum, I also changed some of the pictures to make it clearer.

0. If you have Google Chrome installed, using it to make the account will help you as it can automatically translate the page for you. This is also very useful for the Web Games such as Web Koihime Musou.

1. Go to the AGE registration page here.

Its quite easy to make a AGE account, however you can also use Yahoo, Google or Facebook (Facebook login was discontinued) etc as well. Note that you will still need to complete the form either way, the only difference is it will link your account.

2. The AGE registration form in Google Chrome, it has translated the form to English from Japanese. Press the large orange button under the form to register.

3. Registration confirmation page with Captcha.

This works like a normal Captcha, you have to type in the characters - you cant copy/paste them in, which makes it harder when its in Japanese.
You will need the 'Language Bar' for this part, (unless you have a full on Japanese Keyboard). See this How-To Guide to set-up the language bar.

3a. Set your Language Bar to 'JP' Japanese and the first option to 'H' to put the input method to Hiragana, as per the image below:

3b. Using the chart below, type the characters you see in the captcha.

To make each letter on a western QWERTY keyboard, you type the letter on the left then the one on the top.
For example 'ka' will give you か The letter ん is made by pressing 'n' twice.

3c. Press the large orange button when you have it done to submit the form. If you get a popup box right away, it means you got the captcha wrong.

4. After registration, depending on if you used the link above or followed it from another games page, the 'Step 4' will either take you to the Game you want to play, or in this case the download location for Lucent Heart.
Obviously, if you don't want to play Lucent Heart, do not download the 4GB file as thats fairly pointless.

Now go back to the guide for the game you want to play, there is nothing further to do, your account is created.
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