How-To: Buying GASH Points

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This is a very quick guide on how to make your gash account usable for adding in points (money).

To get to your GASH account page, click this button from the Game's page after your logged in.

The first time you want to add any points to your account, you will need to provide some support information.
Click this button to start.

The first item you need to provide is your email address.
Press the highlighted button to continue.

Next you need to provide your name - BUT it MUST be in Japanese (Kanji or Hiragana) for the first box.
Use Google translate to make your name in Japanese and enter it here.
The second box is your name but how it sounds, this done using Hiragana, again get this from Google translate.
If you don't know or can't make your name right, just use what you can or anything. But note that if they email you, they will address you as Mr <whatever you typed> :)

Last box is your date of birth. I'd suggest 18+ date here.

Your account will now have support information, and it will let you add points.

You can buy points from Japan Codes store. You need a card such as the WebMoney card available here Note that you must buy an amount that is accepted by GASH, the amounts they accept are the 500, 1,000 2,000 3,000 and 5,000 points only. Place your order and pay at Japan Codes and they will email you the code for the card.

Go back to the game page and click the GASH button again.

Click the Web Money button to use your Web Money card for GASH points.

Select what value the Web Money card is, and then press next.
You are of course agreeing to the terms & conditions.

Enter your Web Money card code into the 4 boxes.
Press the highlighted button UNDER the code to use the code. The button to the right will clear it if you make a mistake.

The screen will then update and confirm the amount, you may need to press the orange button which appears in that area under the codes after it updates - unfortunately I don't have a card to deposit right now to make the screenshot.

Finally, press the highlighted button on the bottom to finish.

Your account will now be updated with the new amount of GASH points. If you are logged into the game, it will update when you enter the mall, there is no reason to re-log.