How can i watch tv online ?

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Hello guys!

Iam new here and iam not sure whether this is the right place to post such question...
but i want to know how can we watch tv on pc? Which software to use?

Please help me friends



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Due to various TV licensing laws the answer to your question will depend on where you live and what TV program you wish to watch online. For me; a person who lives in the UK, to watch TV on demand I would either use BBC iPlayer, ITV player , 4oD or SKY player. Off course there are also a host of other streaming sites that show content on TV but these go against licensing laws and are therefore illegal.

The other alternative, which is useful if you have no/slow internet connection speeds is to buy a TV tuner and install it on your computer/laptop. Most TV tuners will give you a range of digital channels and have the added benefit of having a recording option. If you want more helpful advice you should state which country you live in.


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Windows has the Windows Media Center, which has 'Internet TV' - including various shows from several channels as well as short clips.
There's also sites like HULU, and the various TV station's websites themselves - many of which have the most recent 2-3 episodes or more on the site for streaming. That said, I believe HULU and several if not all of the TV channel websites are region locked - so it depends on where you live on if you can access them. If you're in the U.S. you're good, not sure about elsewhere.


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Well since this is more or less already explained it doesn't really need to be kept open now. Unless the poster who made this thread says otherwise, I would suggest that you register and PM either a Sempai or FTV Member.

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